Khachapuri Index For Frugal Wives

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The FINANCIAL — The cost of cooking one standard portion of Khachapuri stood at 3.61GEL in January 2016. Compared to the previous month (December 2015) the Index lost 4.3%; in annual terms (compared to January 2015), it actually gained 6%.

Considering average prices, Telavi – the smallest city in our sample – is currently one of the most expensive markets for khachapuri ingredients. Yet, it also offers the greatest bargains for those frugal housewives among us who care to look for the cheapest ingredients. A frugal housewife would pay only 3.12GEL for one portion of Khachapuri in Telavi, saving a solid 14.3% of the local average price. Tbilisi and Kutaisi are somewhat less friendly for frugal housewives, offerings savings of 13.5 % and 9.9%, respectively. There are even fewer bargains in Batumi. If one spends time to search for the cheapest ingredients, she could save only about 8.4% of the local average, paying 3.24GEL for one portion of khachapuri. 


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