Japan Airlines to Serve Champagne Salon 2004 in First Class

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The FINANCIAL — Japan Airlines (JAL) announced on October 22 that it will be serving Champagne Salon 2004 in First Class on all international routes from November 16, 2015, which is in advance of Champagne Salon’s own global distribution planned to start from next spring.

Japan Airlines has been offering Champagne Salon to its First Class customers since December 2007, and JAL is the only airline in the world to be serving the legendary champagne in the skies, according to JAL.

Champagne Salon is established at the beginning of 20th century. The champagne is only produced in years when the harvest is considered by Champagne Salon to be of high enough quality. It is only released for consumption once it has reached full maturity. Usually on average 10 years after the grapes were first harvested. In over a century of production only 37 vintages have been released for general consumption.

Passengers travelling on JAL First Class are indulged with the high champagne “Salon 2004” with more delectable in-flight meals in the airline’s exclusive restaurant in the sky.


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