JetBlue Brings a Personal Touch to Travel With Enhanced Mobile Apps

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The FINANCIAL — JetBlue on December 14 announced the release of an enhanced suite of mobile apps, including a new JetBlue app for iPad, aimed at bringing even more convenience to customers’ fingertips so they can sit back and enjoy their JetBlue experience.

Customers can now download JetBlue’s app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch on the App Store. The updated version of JetBlue’s Android handset app is available in the Google Play Store, according to JetBlue.

“Our friendly crewmembers have always made JetBlue stand out from every other airline, and we recognize that customers today want the same great experience when they interact with our technology,” said Maryssa Miller, director digital commerce, JetBlue. “Our enhanced suite of mobile apps brings customers useful features they need, which also frees up our crewmembers to focus on adding the personal touch that makes the JetBlue experience so special.”

JetBlue’s new app for iPad offers an experience designed from the ground up for the iPad’s larger interface. Special for iPad’s large display, customers can browse through destination guides which feature rich content and imagery from many of JetBlue’s 93 destinations. Customers can also use their iPad to access JetBlue’s other iOS features, easily book travel and access functionality found on, including the Best Fare Finder calendar and a Hot Deals page.

“Our handheld mobile app has focused on the customer’s travel journey, but with iPad’s large Retina screen and advanced features, we are opening up a whole new world of travel exploration and possibility,” Miller said. “The new iPad app helps our customers answer the question ‘Where do you want to go next?'”

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The mobile enhancements also bring new functionality to iPhone and Android. With the latest update, customers have even more control over their JetBlue experience with the ability to select and change seat assignments after check in, purchase Even More Space seats or other ancillary services, and use their phone’s camera feature to input credit card and passport information. Customers also have the ability to cancel a check-in for rebooking.

JetBlue was one of the first brands to launch an app for Apple Watch in April. With this update, JetBlue for Apple Watch will gain several new features and alerts including flight status and TrueBlue updates delivered right to the watch face without needing to tap into the app.


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