John Dodelande and Fujin Are Building a New Airport Hotel

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A remarkable new project is underway in Tbilisi Georgia. Led by business executive John Dodelande, the Fujin real estate development company is constructing a brand new hotel at the Tbilisi Airport. The 39,000-square-meter complex is called Ibis Tbilisi International and is being built to capitalize on an anticipated increase in traveler volume.

Once the first phase of development is completed, the hotel will consist of 120 rooms as well as amenities like a Gulf gas station, a convenience store, restaurants, a business center, and rental car facilities. This phase is planned to be finalized by 2022 when the Ibis will open its doors as the first and only internationally-branded hotel at the airport. The ultimate vision of the project is to create a strategically located travel hub along the Silk Road.

About John Dodelande

John Dodelande is an accomplished French business executive based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Dodelande is known as an integral member of the new generation of Silk Road entrepreneurs and for his extensive contemporary Chinese art collection. With business interests that range from real estate investments to agricultural enterprises, Dodelande is focused on creating mutually lucrative commercial connections between the East and the West, from continental Europe to mainland China. Dodelande is the sole shareholder of Fujin and the driving force behind the Ibis Hotel development.

Georgia – The Land of Business Opportunity

As the hub of the Caucasus, Georgia is where European and Asian cultures have been meeting and blending for centuries. It is situated in an ideal location with free trade agreements with the EU, China, and Hong Kong. This gives Georgia export potential to a market of close to 2.5 billion people. In recent years, the country has gained popularity as a perennial tourist destination and has become known as “Europe’s hidden gem” as well as “Europe’s green zone.” With this growth, a plethora of business opportunities have emerged. The country’s well-developed infrastructure and skilled workforce makes it highly attractive to investors from across the globe. Georgia was rated by the World Bank as the ninth-easiest country in which to do business and is one of the safest countries in the world.

About Fujin

Fujin is a real estate company located in Tbilisi, Georgia. The company was founded by John Dodelande with the goal of redefining and positioning locations along the Silk Road as tourism and entertainment hubs. Since it was launched, Fujin has successful cultivated strategic long-term business relationships with key investors and influential decision makers across the EU and Asia. The company works with top architects, designers, and consultants, and it is committed to exploring and transforming untouched areas while upholding sustainable development practices. For the Ibis Hotel development project, Fujin has teamed up with CBA—a French architectural firm, ART Studio—a Georgian architectural studio, and CMS—a top Georgian construction company.

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