Johnson&Johnson Gets Biggest Restaging in 125 Years of the Brand’s History

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For the first time in its long and notable history, Johnson&Johnson is in the process of restaging an entire line of products on a global basis, including in Georgia where the brand has been represented since 1997.


As part of its mega restaging, American brand Johnson&Johnson, featuring baby products across the world, is going to launch more than 50 new products with improved quality and characteristics, promising to give kids only the best and helping their parents make a gentle choice (#ChooseGentle).


Meanwhile, the brand got its first memorable success on the Georgian market after receiving its first Golden Brand award, which is recognized as the most important and powerful business awards ceremony in Georgia.


Over 100 experts and 2,000 surveyed customers named Johnson&Johnson the No1 brand in Georgia in its segment, and its baby shampoos their favourite brand.

“Johnson&Johnson is the most famous brand in the world with 125 years of history. The statistics show that every third mother uses Johnson&Johnson products. I think it is the brand’s recognition and quality that influenced the experts and customers while making their choice to name it their favourite brand,” said Koba Sadzaglishvili, Development Manager of “Johnson&Johnson in Georgia.

Sadzaglishvili said that Johnson&Johnson has been showing a positive dynamic of development since 2010 in Georgia and has a 15-20% growth rate on average.

As of today Johnson&Johnson offers about 60 sorts of products to Georgian customers, including baby wash, hair care, lotion, powder, cotton swabs and all major products that are needed for every newborn.

Sadzaglishvili emphasised the quality of Johnson&Johnson products and said that before the products appear on the shelves they go through about 300 laboratory tests.

“We can say that Johnson&Johnson has no real competitor anywhere in the world. It is an unconditional leader in all countries of the world, including in Georgia. However, the competition is more noticeable in Georgia, and in the Caucasus region overall, compared to in more developed countries. The reason is that there aren’t any clear regulations in our country that prohibit unhealthy competition on the market,” Sadzaglishvili said.

Meanwhile, Senior Director, Global Scientific Engagement at “Johnson&Johnson, David Mays, talked about the brand’s global development plans and explained what the restaging is all about.

“We always think first about parents. While preparing for this large-scale restage, we really tried to listen to the parents of babies in order to fully understand what they were expecting from children’s skin care products. As a brand, we pay special attention to the testing of products and tirelessly work together with scientists, paediatricians and dermatologists to create products as gentle as we would like to see the world,” said Mays.

“For 125 years, the company Johnson & Johnson has been a leader in the scientific development of skin care products for babies, and we are proud of it. And now we are extremely happy that we can offer parents the opportunity to try the entire collection of products and make sure that their kids will receive the best care,” he added.

So, what is this mega restaging all about? As Mays announced, the quality of the product and design of packaging will be changed for the better.

“Johnson’s understands that modern parents have different requirements for the products they use for their babies, and this applies to both the composition and packaging. For decades, conducting innovative research and rigorous testing in the development of infant care products, Johnson’s has collaborated with thousands of real parents to improve their products so that parents can trust us and be confident in the tools they use,” said Mays.

“In the process of creating formulas, more than 400 components were excluded. More simple and delicate products do not contain parabens, sulphates and dyes, moreover, the composition is designed in such a way as to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, and 90% consists of components of natural origins,” he added.

The restage is not only to update the formulas of existing products, but also implies the introduction of advanced innovative technologies and scientific knowledge in the field of baby skin care. The new Johnson’s cotton collection is specifically designed for the sensitive skin of newborns. Bathing gel and milk with an ultra-light formula and a balanced pH level contain organic cotton in their compositions and have a very gentle effect on the skin.

The Cotton Touch perfume composition has passed international testing, and it was scientifically proven that the fragrance can strengthen the bond between parent and child and make the bathing procedure less stressful for the baby, contributing to its development and emotional growth.

All new products were designed specifically for four categories: 0 months +; 6 months +; 1 year +; and, for the whole family.

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