Joint Georgia-Israel IT Ventures to Be Established

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The FINANCIAL — First Vice Prime Minister of Georgia, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Dimitry Kumsishvili, within the framework of the official visit to Israel, held a meeting with the private sector representatives at the Institute of Export.

Representatives of Israel companies were informed on the economic trend in Georgia, ongoing and scheduled reforms as well as on business and investment climate in the country, according to Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

First Vice Prime Minister, Dimitry Kumsishvili noted that the Israel business representatives were also introduced to the benefits offered upon the signing of the Free Trade Agreements with different significant partners.

“We offered the Israel companies to establish the ventures in Georgia and benefit from the advantages that the signed Free Trade Agreements provided for the companies producing in our country,” – Dimitry Kumsishvili.

Innovative ecosystem that is being establishing in Georgia was also paid a particular attention.

“We need to share Israel’s experience in this field since it is the leading innovative country in the world supporting the innovations itself. Cooperation in this field will be very interesting since the youth will be offered specialised educational courses. Several joint IT ventures will also be established,” – Dimitry Kumsishvili added.

Cyber-security became one of the topics of the conversation as well.

Israel Institute of Export facilitates companies in the country to develop international business. Facilitation covers such direction as elaboration of the strategies, establishment of joint ventures, benefiting from the advantages that the partner-state offers, etc.

The Israel Entrepreneurs’ Organization supported the meeting at the Institute of Export.


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