Kazakhstan Increased the Exports of Wheat and Meslin

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The FINANCIAL — In January-August of 2018, Kazakhstan exported 3.871 mln tonnes of wheat and meslin, an increase of 60.4% compared with the same period in 2017, at the sum of 600.2 mln USD (up 57.1%), declared the Statistics Committee at the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on November 21.

According to the announcement, among the CIS countries Kazakhstan shipped the most large-scale volumes of the grain to Uzbekistan at 174.3 mln USD (up 54.8%), Azerbaijan — 30.6 mln USD (up 12.7 times), and Tajikistan — 93.8 mln USD (down 0.4%). At the same time, the export volumes to other countries also significantly increased. Thus, the supplies on the market of China totaled 67.9 mln USD (up 74.9%), Italy — 52.9 mln USD (up 31.4%), and Turkey — 51 mln USD (up 4.4 times).

For 8 months, the export prices for Kazakh wheat for the CIS countries decreased by 1.5%, and for the other countries — down 2.8%. Generally, wheat export prices decreased by 1.9%.

Source: APK-Inform



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