Kohi.ge Offering Healthy, Eco-friendly Living in Wooden Houses

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If you dream of having a unique, natural, eco-friendly home Georgian company Kohi.ge, may help you realize the construction of your perfect home.

Kohi.ge supplies high-quality wooden homes and provides a healthy living environment with organic building materials, high indoor air quality and a warm, stress-reducing atmosphere.

Kohi.ge is a young Georgian company which started its activities just two years ago but has managed to achieve leading positions on the market, implemented dozens of projects in the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi as well as in the high mountainous regions of the country and on Black Sea resorts.

Kohi.ge has been gaining popularity and recognition over time. This year the company received the Golden Brand award, which is considered the most prestigious and influential local business award.

While continuing its impressive development on the local market, Kohi.ge has set itself the goal of conquering the export markets as well and interest from European countries has already emerged.

The Director and Founder of Kohi.ge Irakli Kandelaki says negotiations are underway with Germany and France “however, the coronavirus pandemic has temporarily hampered the implementation of this project.”

Kohi.ge, which in translation from Georgian means ‘hut’, is always made to suit its customers’ individual needs and lifestyle. The company’s goal is to create beautiful and functional homes in timeless design, and houses with which their residents fall in love.

Thatched wattle huts, cottages, small hotels and houses – these are the list of projects Kohi.ge is capable to implement in any season of the year.

And most importantly, the houses of Kohi.ge are quite affordable for customers. The company offers economy, standard and premium-class projects, where the lowest price stands at 650 GEL per sq.m.

You have received your first Golden Brand award thanks to your successful activities in 2019. Could you please summarize the year 2019 and also the beginning of 2020?

In 2019 the company has clearly made great progress. Awareness of kohi.ge significantly increased, and the number of orders also increased. We are extremely happy that the year was crowned with the most prestigious business award of Georgia, Golden Brand.
I think our company has attracted the attention of Golden Brand experts by actively cooperating with the tourism sector. Most of the projects of kohi.ge are designed for tourism purposes. Tourism, in turn, is one of the driving forces of the Georgian economy.

Also, what is very important and trendy in the modern world is that our product is environmentally friendly, made from natural materials and cuts down on heating and electricity needs as much as possible, due to its thermal and energy efficiency.

As for 2020, the beginning of the year was quite successful for the company despite the fact that winter is not considered a profitable time for the construction business. However, we were working actively, taking orders and implementing projects. But, unfortunately, developments around the world, I mean the coronavirus pandemic, have significantly changed the expectations we had for the second and third quarters of the year.

Like many other companies, we have also suspended our operations and resumed only in early May. We are trying to get back to our starting point now. At this stage, the biggest challenge for our company is the shortage of skilled workers.

How demanded Kohi.ge houses are in Georgia and from which corner of the country comes the highest demand?

Wooden houses are a relatively new product in Georgia, but the demand is quite high. This is due to the fact that wooden houses are environmentally friendly, it is thermal and energy-efficient. The biggest advantage is that the construction process is much shorter than during other kinds of construction projects.

It is difficult to identify from which region of Georgia comes the highest demand for Kohi.ge houses. Our wooden houses can be found in Svaneti, Khevsureti, highland Guria and Adjara, as well as in various resort areas, in Tbilisi and its surroundings.

The demand before the pandemic was almost balanced: both large and small houses were in demand. Now the demand has grown significantly for large houses.

How much time is necessary to build a Kohi.ge house?

It depends on the project itself. Container-type houses are being created at our factory. As for large-scale constructions, they are erected on the construction site. The construction time of the houses depends on the complexity of the project, the climatic conditions, the internal repair works and could last from two weeks to three months.

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