Kordzadze Law Office Diversifying Legal Services, Taking On New Employees in 2020

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Kordzadze Law Office, a leading law firm in Georgia, intends to diversify its legal services for both private and legal entities and offer ‘specific packages’, which will be a novelty in the market.

“For now, I will refrain from specifying any details, but I would like to emphasize that the news will be innovative and interesting for the market”, said Zviad Kordzadze, managing partner and attorney of Kordzadze Law Office.

With the expansion of services, the firm has decided to take on new employees as well. Kordzadze said that the new additions will be one of the important aspects of the law firm’s activities this year.

Operating on the Georgian market since 2002, Kordzadze Law Office has gained the reputation of a reliable, ethical and highly professional law firm. And it is this very reputation that brought it its 12th Golden Brand victory this year from the leading business awards ceremony in Georgia.

Through Kordzadze Law Office’s long-term cooperation with its partners, the firm provides its clients with services such as notarial, translation, execution, auditorial and arbitration services.

A wide choice of qualified legal assistance is available to both local and foreign legal entities, organizations and individuals.

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the activities of Kordzadze Law Office? What challenges has it created and how has the firm overcome them?

Crises can always create additional opportunities. On one hand, they have negative consequences, but once the crisis slows down, additional chances, as well as challenges, appear.

As you know, our services are in demand, so we have to always make sure to remain in good shape. As soon as the crisis subsided and once the worst period passed, it appeared that legal entities and individuals, who had stopped working and now want to emerge from the crisis and moreover, to develop, now need qualified legal services. This situation has led to our decisions to diversify legal services and do our best to help these people.

Kordzadze Law Office was offering free legal consultations to people in quarantine and isolation. You also announced that you would provide free legal aid to people who have been fined during the state of emergency. Please explain more specifically what kind of legal advice may be required for quarantined people?

This was our first offer when the crisis started and many things, including legal changes, were vague.

The rights and responsibilities of those who were in quarantine were not fully and clearly established. The state of emergency has not been yet announced and people had many questions, including about their employment and other issues.

Accordingly, we tried to help these people and some of them benefited from this service.

In addition, there was a demand for services related to fines. People asked us for assistance and asked about the possibility of appealing these fines, for which we provided legal services as well.

What types of legal violations are most common in the country in connection with the coronavirus?

The problems people faced during this time were various. For example, there was a case when a woman was a citizen of Georgia and her husband was a stateless foreigner, therefore it became a problem for that person to enter Georgia.

Mostly we consulted on employment-related issues, as well as the peculiarities of the force majeure behavior of businesses and the impact of the pandemic and the state of emergency on contractual relationships, whether they could defer their obligations or, conversely, demand their fulfillment.

The signature of the email sent from the Kordzadze Law Office reads that 20 per cent of Georgia is occupied by Russia. There is also a map that shows those occupied territories. Why have you decided to include this message?

I made this decision because I have a feeling that we have become overly accustomed to this fact that our country is occupied by Russia and that this topic has lost its actuality in everyday life. When I read sociological surveys, the occupation takes third and fourth place compared to other problems.
We communicate with foreign clients by e-mail. They should know that we will not forget and accept that 20 per cent of Georgia is occupied by Russia.

I especially enjoy sending emails to addresses where a Russian citizen may read them.

Congratulations on winning a Golden Brand award. This was the 12th Golden Brand win for Kordzadze Law Office. What is your impression – what led your office to this success?

It is important for us that over the years we have managed to keep this recognition and consistently receive the Golden Brand award.
This success once again underlines that we are leaders and occupy the leading position in the legal field. We would not become the recipients of Golden Brand awards if it were not for the high confidence shown in us by our clients. We have won this award thanks first of all to our clients.

I think that experts took into account that our office is always oriented at the interests of its clients; protecting and achieving clients’ interests by every means permitted by the law and by strictly following ethical norms.

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