KPMG rated a global Leader in Corporate Services Consulting by ALM Intelligence

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The FINANCIAL — ALM’s Vanguard report evaluates 24 organizations based on their capabilities to help clients improve the performance of back-office functions that support the workforce, including those in the corporate center, shared services centers, outsourced services, and captive operations.

According to the report, Leaders in this space are also “positioning the back office as an innovation engine, where end-to-end processes are designed and digitally enabled tools are road-tested for impact potential throughout the organization’s value chain.”

Liz DeVito, Associate Director, Management Consulting Research with ALM Intelligence, says in the report, “KPMG advanced its position on the strength of its Enterprise Services Management (ESM) framework and platform for designing, delivering, and managing a consumer-grade experience of all corporate services across the enterprise.” She notes further, “Clients are extremely positive about KPMG as a journey partner, citing the firm’s expertise, flexibility, responsiveness, ability to scale, and commitment to delivering results on time.”

KPMG* has been recognized as a leader among global providers for Corporate Services Consulting.

ALM ranks KPMG’s Corporate Services Consulting as `Best in Class’ for ESM noting that the framework stands out for two reasons: “The first is how it functions as an operating model under which corporate services are designed, sourced, requested, delivered, governed, and managed, thus enabling end-to-end process delivery that results in high levels of service quality and faster service delivery outcomes at a lower cost. The second is how it is enabled by KPMG’s Powered Enterprise solution, which combines the Enterprise Service Management framework with the ServiceNow platform to connect and automate a company’s business services across the enterprise.”

Commenting on this recognition, Robert Bolton, Global Head of People & Change Center of Excellence, KPMG International, says “We are incredibly proud of our KPMG professionals that we have been recognized again as Vanguard Leaders for our advancements in Corporate Services consulting. Member firms help clients build a back office that is efficient, effective, and drives a customer-centric growth agenda and we believe that business support functions are critical to an organization’s customer experience value chain.”

KPMG’s Connected Enterprise is also called out in the report, noting that the “framework provides a blueprint for designing a customer-centric operating model that builds experience attributes around brand, products and services, interactions, and people. As a transformation lens, the framework compels clients to understand how every corner of the front, middle, and back office intersects with these attributes, a simple example being an integrated technology strategy that supports the continuum of customer and employee interactions in end-to-end processes.”

The ALM report highlights KPMG’s Intelligent Automation teams for enhancing the suite of KPMG Powered Enterprise solutions for back-office functions by automating manual processes executed in cloud-based platforms and data synchronization between legacy platforms.

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