LANDMARK BAKURIANI – Dream come true for skiers

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The FINANCIAL — Recently DUX DEVELOPMENT has made quite a buzz with the project Landmark Bakuriani, an apart-hotel with a such ski track built on it’s rooftop, that will be functioning for all four seasons.

On the chilliest days of winter or on the most heated days of summer, imagine standing on the rooftop of your apart-hotel, looking at the magnificent view of Bakuriani and skiing down on one of the finest artificially constructed ski tracks.

One might assume that such an unorthodox building can only be found on a youtube video under an outrageous title such as “The 10 Craziest building you never knew about” but the project happens to be very true.

Dux Development and HUECK Georgia, the sister companies founded by ORI Group have already been operating on the Georgian market for more then 5 years.

They started out by constructing a five-storied building on ZHVANIA Street. DUX DEVELOPMENT, an already established construction company which desired to use only the highest quality of construction materials, teamed up with a German-based company HUECK.The board of HUECK quickly realized that the Georgian market had a very high demand on their products, so with the help of ORI group HUECK Georgia was established.

But this time both HUECK Georgia and Dux Development wanted to have a new say on the Georgian market, and a simple “well constructed” hotel probably would not have been enough to create all the buzz, so Dux Development decided to borrow a concept that HUECK had already created. Copenhill, a power-plant with a ski track built on it’s rooftop.

When the idea was revealed to the architects, they became excited about the new challenge and so the blueprints for Landmark Bakuriani were drawn.

The astonishing concept indeed, which required a very high budget and tremendous mastery to execute. However perhaps the most challenging hurdle that Dux Development overcame, was convincing people that the project was executable.

“Every time I spoke about the project among people I had to google at least two photos to convince them” recalls Gvantsa Panchulidze, the marketing manager of Dux Development “but we are here to do the impossible, now as we speak LANDMARK BAKURIANI is being brought closer to it’s completion ” she proudly stated.

What makes the project all the more unique is an underground ski training facility. The fact that the construction team was forced to dig a story deeper then expected would normally cause further hurdles…
But not in this case.


The extra underground space was quickly given a purpose when the development team came across the product of SKIWORLDPRO, a treadmill-like ski track which goes extremely well with the concept of LANDMARK BAKURIANI.

When it came to product development SKIWORLDPRO did an outstanding job. The training facility enables anyone to set speed and angles to their preferences, so whether you are a red bull extreme rider or a total rookie, you are guaranteed to face a challenge that matches up with your skill set.

The fact that the facility is inside the building is a huge asset, which enables ski lovers not to be reliant on weather.
There are no establishments, let alone apart-hotels that offers such an advanced ski training facility, none other then LANDMARK BAKURIANI.

Dux development has a very optimistic prediction for the return on investment. “If our customers use the apartments they purchase for the real estate purposes, in the worst case scenario they are expected to get the investment back in 10 years, however this scenario is really the most pessimistic one I can imagine, I think that 3-4 years will be more then enough to do so”, Gvantsa Panchulidze, Marketing Manager at Dux Development told The FINANCIAL.


Currently customers have an option to purchase an apartment with one bedroom or two bedrooms for starting from respectively 35m2 and 60.9m2..

Dux Development also tends to have decent payment methods as well, giving people possibility to divide the payment in separate parts in one or two year period.

Dux Development is the subsidiary of the Azeri Investment Company – ORI Group. The company is based on the experience of partners who have successfully implemented multiple development projects in the territory of Azerbaijan since 2007.

The mission of Dux Development is to implement development projects across the country and establish new standards in the field of construction, based on the requirements of the client and investor.

Over the years, Dux Development has established partnerships with the companies representing leading European brands in the field of construction materials. In order to meet the rights standards and achieve the top quality, the Company employees are regularly trained and introduced to the new trends in the field.

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