Landmark Bakuriani – Enjoy Skiing Year Round

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The FINANCIAL — Who doesn’t absolutely love skiing? Well, the great news for all ski lovers is that in 2020 Landmark Bakuriani will be open and ready to host fans of the sport.

Landmark Bakuriani is a hotel-type apartment building, whose architects came up with a creative concept and decided to turn the rooftop of the building into a ski track.The track is covered with a special material so that it can work every season, no matter the temperature or weather conditions.

What makes this project so special is the collaboration of Dux Development and German-based company Hueck, which has already constructed a very similar building in Copenhagen with the help of a Danish architect.

In order to fully describe the uniqueness of the project, we must mention the amazing inner training facility for skiers, which is basically a 5 meter-long non-stop ski-track (much like the concept of a treadmill).  The tracks are created by Austrian company Skiworld pro.

Hotel-type apartments will be placed at the complex. An international company will take responsibility for their management to avoid any discomfort for future hotel management.

The project is located 600 meters from the Didveli piste, which is very convenient for experienced skiers or snowboarders.

A 10-hectare recreation zone surrounds the project, including different types of relaxation zones and an extreme adventure park.

Apartments are spread over 6 floors; 2 floors are dedicated to children’s entertainment space and common gathering areas.

The apartments are delivered fully-renovated, fitted with furniture and electrical appliances. The highest standards of all hotel requirements are to be met during the planning process.

There are both enclosed and open parking spaces. The enclosed parking lot is for 30 vehicles serving visitors to the apart-hotel, while an open parking space will be created around the complex to cater for up to 100 vehicles

Apartment owners will be able to turn the apartments into a source of income should they wish.

 Features will include:

  • 102-meter roof-top piste;
  • Ski gym. 2 indoor ski slopes with continuously variable surface speeds from 1-25 km/h;
  • Fully-renovated apartments, including furniture;
  • 5-star hotel service;
  • 24/7 security service and concierge;
  • Ski-depot;
  • Restaurant;
  • Lobby bar;
  • Entertainment zone for children;
  • 10-hectare recreation area;
  • The purchase of an apartment in landmark Bakuriani.

The project has attracted many international brands since the beginning of its construction, and will be completed in December 2020.

“Landmark Bakuriani has a very realistic opportunity to become the key building to represent Georgia as a ski-resort country,” proudly stated Irakli Lomidze, the Executive Director of Dux Development.

Ori group, the company that originated in Azerbaijan, has been operating in Georgia for more than 5 years with its sub-companies Dux development and Hueck Georgia.

Dux development has been actively functioning as a construction company, and Hueck Georgia, with the partnership of a German aluminium-manufacturing company, has already constructed buildings such as: the Mercedes-Benz centre; Panorama Tbilisi; Housart Plaza, as well as many more in the South Caucasus region.

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