Largest Shoe Retailer FLO Fully Upgraded Collection in 2019

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FLO, the largest shoe retailer in Turkey and in Georgia, is opening a new concept store this year, awaiting customers with its affordable and high quality models, offering both comfort and elegance at the same time.

“The year 2019 will be full of challenges for FLO. We are going to offer a renewed collection to our customers and open a new store with a completely new concept,” said Giorgi Gochiashvili, Georgia Regional Manager of FLO.

So far the location is not known as the negotiations are still underway, but Gochiashvili disclosed that the concept will be similar to the FLO stores that were opened in Casablanca and Kenitra in Morocco in April.

FLO is the largest footwear retailer in Turkey, owning the largest portfolio of owned and exclusively licensed footwear brands.

With the motto ‘Shoes for Everyone’, FLO appeared on the Georgian market in 2015 and so far offers over 60 shoe brands and is represented by six stores in the country, five of which are in the capital city Tbilisi and one in the Black Sea resort town of Batumi.

FLO offers classic, casual and sports shoes for men, women and Kids in Georgia.

“FLO offers many options to make your shoe selection easier, while never compromising on quality and reasonable price policy. Whether you are looking for women’s shoes or men’s shoes, you can find the model that suits you or your loved ones,” said Gochiashvili.

There are not only shoes on sale in FLO as the showroom offers accessories including bags, suitcases and wallets too.

“As of today FLO unites 60 brands and 2,500 different styles of shoes. At FLO stores customers can find the shoe brands Kinetix; Lumberjack; Butigo; Polaris; Oxide; and Garamond,” said Gochiashvili.

He mentioned that the most popular model in the women’s line is Butigo and Miss F shoes, while men mostly choose Garamond and Dockers brands.

“Women also love to wear shoes by Kinetix and Lumberjack when it comes to sports shoes,” Gochiashvili said.

As FLO offers the largest showroom in Georgia the price variety is also wide. Prices vary from GEL 25 to GEL 280.

This year FLO has become the number one favourite brand of customers and over 100 experts, and received its first Golden Brand award as a result.

Q. FLO offers shoes for men, women and children. Which segment is the most popular as of today?

A. I can truly say that all three segments are very popular. FLO offers the latest collections to customers which leads to an increase in demand.

Q. How did sales increase in 2018 compared to 2017?

A. FLO’s sales statistics increased by 28 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year.

Last year’s data and research shows that in 2019 we radically changed our collections which are now more suitable for our customers’ taste. Accordingly, the customers also appreciated this step which is reflected in our sale’s data and also in their reviews.

FLO is associated with quality, trendy and affordable brands.

Q. What distinguishes FLO from other similar stores?

A. First of all is the fact that we offer the largest variety of shoes in the largest showroom where customers have the greatest array of options.

Secondly, the collection is always trendy and affordable for customers.

Overall, the level of competition in the sector is quite high in Georgia and many new brands have entered the Georgian market. But we welcome all new brands as they give us further motivation to be even more successful.

Q. What is the market share of FLO in Georgia as of today?

A. As of today FLO has a 25 percent share of the Georgian market. This indicator has remained the same as it was last year.

Despite the fact that many new competitors have appeared on the Georgian market recently FLO still managed to maintain its positions on the market.

However, as I have already mentioned, this year we will face many challenges which are related to opening new stores and introducing a new concept. We are excited about these challenges as we are happy to be innovators and to always exceed our customers’ expectations.

Q. What are the challenges that FLO faces on the Georgian market and how would you like the Georgian market to develop in the future?

A. I would be pleased if it would be possible for businesses to develop in not only the main cities of Georgia but also in the regions. This would contribute to balanced economic growth and doing business in general would become more beneficial.

For example I would like for Georgia’s Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kakheti and Zugdidi regional centres to be more active in economic activities. This would contribute to the development of our business and would also create job places in these regions.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. This was the first Golden Brand win for FLO. What is your impression and what led FLO to this success in your opinion?

A. I would love to thank all of the members of our team who worked so hard to achieve this success. This award is directly proportional to the correct type of management we have.

To be the favourite brand of both customers and experts means that we have to be even more motivated to work harder and to further improve on our achievements.

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