LEGO Group introduces Executive Leadership Team

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The FINANCIAL — The new Executive Leadership Team will replace the Management Board and plays a critical role in the further globalisation of the LEGO Group.

The LEGO Group announces a new Executive Leadership Team consisting of seven members. The new team replaces the previous Management Board and will continue to drive the globalisation of the LEGO Group, according to LEGO.

The Executive Leadership Team will consist of:

Bali Padda, President and Chief Executive Officer

Ulrik Gernow, Chief Business Transformation Officer

Julia Goldin, Chief Marketing Officer

Marjorie Lao, Chief Financial Officer

Carsten Rasmussen, Chief Operating Officer

Loren I. Shuster, Chief Commercial Officer

Padma Thiruvengadam, Chief People Officer

Julia Goldin, Loren I. Shuster and Bali Padda were all members of the previous Management Board, while Ulrik Gernow, Marjorie Lao, Carsten Rasmussen and Padma Thiruvengadam will join the Executive Leadership Team from the Corporate Management team.

Bali Padda, CEO of the LEGO Group said:

“I am excited to introduce the LEGO Group Executive Leadership Team which consists of a talented group of leaders who combine a rich diversity of skills, experiences and backgrounds with a deep passion for the LEGO® brand and a strong LEGO Group heritage. This is critical to continuing the process of further global expansion.

“With the new team, we will focus more intensively on the areas where we need to succeed in achieving our ambition to bring LEGO experiences to more children around the world.”

About the LEGO Group Executive Leadership Team

Ulrik Gernow, Chief Business Transformation Officer, was previously Senior Vice President, Product Group 1. Ulrik joined the company in 1994 and during that time has held innovation, operations and marketing leadership roles of increasing scope and responsibility. He will be responsible for teams that support the Group’s growth and transformation agenda. This includes, corporate business services, procurement, IT, change management, value chain innovation, and executive strategy and agenda.

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Marjorie Lao, Chief Financial Officer, joined the LEGO Group in 2014 as Senior Vice President, Corporate Finance. Previously, Marjorie was CFO at Tandberg ASA and held finance, strategy and business development leadership roles in Cisco, Procter & Gamble and McKinsey & Company. Marjorie will be responsible for the Group’s finance, legal, government affairs, and environment and social responsibility teams.

Carsten Rasmussen, Chief Operating Officer, joined the LEGO Group in 2001. In that time, he has held a broad range of global leadership roles in organisational capability building, shopper marketing and channel development, operations, and procurement. Carsten will be responsible for the Group’s global manufacturing operations, engineering, quality, distribution and supply planning.

Padma Thiruvengadam, Chief People Officer, joined the LEGO Group in 2016 as Senior Vice President, People Operations & Development. She brings to the role more than 25 years’ experience leading global people and business teams for companies including Bank of America, Pfizer and Integra Life Sciences. She is responsible for all elements of the Group’s people strategy including recruitment, reward and recognition, learning and development, organisational capability and diversity and inclusion.

Julia Goldin and Loren I. Shuster will continue in their present roles as CMO and CCO respectively.


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