Listening to music and playing games online

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The FINANCIAl — A majority of internet users use internet for cultural activities, such as reading newspapers, listening to music, watching videos and playing games. In the EU in 2018, 72% of those aged 16 to 74 having used internet in the last 3 months watched videos online and also 72% read newspapers online (in 2017). The shares were slightly lower for listening to music (56%) and playing games (33%) online.

Regarding listening to music through web radio or music streaming services, more than 70% of internet users made use of this in Finland, Sweden and Greece. By contrast, the shares were lowest in Belgium (43%) and Latvia (47%).

For playing and downloading games, a relatively high share of internet users in the Netherlands (47%), Denmark and Belgium (both 43%) made use of this, while the lowest proportions were recorded in Austria (21%), Bulgaria (22%) and Poland (23%).

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