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Liverpool’s property market one of the strongest in the UK going forward

With the current pandemic affecting many different businesses, industries, and individual employment prospects around the world, it’s no surprise that many investment markets are particularly volatile at the moment. Many different investors with vast portfolios are concerned that their incomes and growth might be stunted, and so are looking for more hard-wearing asset types, that are more secured and less likely to change rapidly.

Being a physical, tactile asset class, property investment is surging in popularity in the UK, not only due to rising house prices and increasing tenant demand in cityscapes around the country, but also because of the notion that it’s perhaps more of a secure investment to go ahead within the coming months, and years, as we get through the virus as a society.

Interested in finding out more? Here are some particularly exciting aspects of Liverpool’s burgeoning property market

Student Property Investment

With Liverpool’s student population consistently growing, and attracting a wide range of students not just nationwide but also globally, an investment in student property is one of the most popular choices for those wanting to put their money into an apartment that will have the highest chance of being consistently tenanted. Of course, having that huge demand ensures that their rental income stream will be constant and that an investor can avoid the potential of having void periods (where there are no tenants and thus no monthly payments).

Another benefit of students, in particular, is that they often will agree to pay multiple months of their rent in advance, due to the fact that they are setting in stone their tenancy and signing up for a term, which is paid directly from their student loan a lot of the time. This bulk payment method is more reliable for landlords that want to ensure they receive their money and have perhaps had issues with inconsistent tenants in the past.

Luxury Liverpool Apartments

Of course, because the demand is growing, doesn’t mean that the modern student/young professional will settle for any property or choice of housing that’s available. Many young people are starting to move towards city-center buildings that have ease of access to the different amenities and facilities on their doorstep, rather than having to travel on the bus or train. They are also asking for more from their properties, such as on-site features and fittings, like gym areas, games rooms and even swimming pools/spas. Award-winning property investment company RWinvest is a good example of a company focused on bringing these sorts of forward-thinking developments to the Liverpool area, attracting not just students from all around the globe, but investors too.

One growing highlight of Liverpool’s property sector is the Baltic Triangle – an area risen from once abandoned warehouse and factory buildings transformed into a formative digital backbone in the city’s thriving economy. Quickly becoming one of the trendiest places to live in both Liverpool and the UK generally, the growing demand for housing in that area has seen a rise in both luxury property developments and also hotel accommodation. Compared to London’s Shoreditch for the creative buzz and nightlife, the area has some standout bars and restaurants.


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