Lufthansa to fly more routes at hourly intervals

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The FINANCIAL — In the upcoming summer flight timetable, Lufthansa will set the flight times of three more existing connections at fixed hourly intervals, making it easier for customers to plan their journeys, according to Deutsche Lufthansa AG.


The busy European routes from Frankfurt to Vienna, London-Heathrow and Brussels will also get regular departure times starting 30 March. That means these flights will depart on an hourly basis – except at times of lower traffic, according to Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Back in October 2012, Lufthansa had already introduced hourly departures on three connections within Germany – from Frankfurt to Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, respectively – mainly to make travel planning easier for frequent flyers and also to reduce waiting times if a flight was missed. Spreading the flights evenly across the day is popular with many passengers, so Lufthansa has now extended the hourly schedule to the aforementioned European connections, which enjoy strong international demand.

Lufthansa planned the hourly rhythm on the connection between Frankfurt and Vienna in conjunction with Austrian Airlines. The two airlines will alternate their services on this important connection between their respective hubs, with a departure every 60 or at times every 120 minutes, and a total of 13 flights a day. Austrian Airlines is increasing the number of its flights on this route from five to six a day. Departure times from Frankfurt are always at ten minutes before the hour, according to Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

All flights to Brussels and London-Heathrow will be carried out by Lufthansa alone. Passengers still have the choice of twelve departure times a day to London-Heathrow (departure from Frankfurt on the hour) and ten departures to Brussels (always 25 minutes past the hour).

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