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Lukoil CEO put in UK Sanction List

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UK has updated its sanctions list related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. More than 200 individuals are added, including Lukoil CEO.

The Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 (S.I. 2019/855) were made under the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018 (the Sanctions Act) and provide for the freezing of funds and economic resources of certain persons, entities or bodies involved in destabilising Ukraine or undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty or independence of Ukraine, or obtaining a benefit from or supporting the Government of Russia.

Measures include the freeze of financial accounts, and other funds or economic resources and any funds which are owned or controlled by persons set out in the Annex to the Notice;

1. ABUKOV, Sergei Navilievich
2. AFANASEVSKY, Yuriy Nikolaevich
3. AKHMEDOV, Farkhad
DOB: 15/09/1955. POB: Baku, Azerbaijan Nationality: Russia
4. ALEKPEROV, Vagit Yusufovich
DOB: 09/01/1950. POB: Baku, Azerbaijan Nationality: Russia Position: (1) PJSC LUKOIL President and CEO (2) Executive Member of PJSC LUKOIL Board of Directors (3) Chairman of PJSC LUKOIL Management Committee Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref):RUS1334 (UK Statement of Reasons):Vagit Yusufovich ALEKPEROV is President and CEO and an executive member of the Board of Directors of Lukoil, Russia’s second largest oil producer. Through his directorship of Lukoil, ALEKPEROV continues to obtain a benefit from and/or continues to support the Government of Russia by working as a director (whether executive or non-executive), trustee, or equivalent, of entities carrying on business in sectors of strategic significance to the Government of Russia, namely the Russian energy sector.
5. ANANCHENKO, Alexander Yevgenevych
6. ANDRIENKO, Vladimir Nikolaevich
7. ANDRUKH, Irina Ivanovna
8. ANIKA, Yaroslav Gennadievich
9. ANTIPOV, Igor Yurievich
10. ANTONOV, Vladimir Nikolayevich
11. ANTONOV, Anatoli Andreevich
12. AVDEEV, Alexander Vasilievich
13. AYZIMAN, Olga
14. BABAKOV, Mikhail Alexandrovich
15. BABENKO, Oksana Alexandrovna
16. BAEVSKY, Andrey Vasilievich
17. BANAKH, Alexander Sergeevich
18. BAZHAEV, Musa Yusupovich
19. BELETSKY, Aleksei Yuryevich
20. BEREZKIN, Grigory Vikotorovitsj
21. BERDICHEVSKY, Vladislav Leonidovich
22. BILYALOV, Rinat Alievich
23. BOGATOVA, Maria Viktorovna
24. BOGDANOV, Vladimir Leonidovich
25. BOKAREV, Andrey Removich
26. BONDARCHUK, Anatoly Vladimirovich
27. BONDARENKO, Alexander Alexandrovich
28. BORODIN, Sergey Alekseevich
29. BUNEEV, Gennadiy Mikhaylovich
30. BYKADOROV, Alexander Viktorovich
31. CHAUSOVA, Yana Sergeevna
32. CHEKAREVA, Natalya Dmitrievna
33. CHUCHIN, Sergey Anatolievich
34. CHURADZE, Dmitry Murtazievich
35. DADONOV, Oleg Viacheslavovich
36. DEGTYAREV, Yuriy Anatolievich
37. DEMESHKO, Bella Seyranovna
38. DEZORTSEV, Dmitry Eduardovich
39. DIANOVA, Irina Leontievna
40. DIDENKO, Sergei Mikhaylovich
41. DIKIY, Aleksei Alexandrovich
42. DOROFEEV, Alexey Sergeevich
43. DUBOVKA, Vladimir Nikolaevich
44. DUBOVSKIY, Ruslan Mihajlovich
45. DYAGOVETS, Alexander Pavlovich
46. EVTUSHENKOV, Vladimir Petrovich
47. EZOUBOV, Pavel
48. FARAKHOVA, Elena Evgenyevna
49. FETISOV, Oleg Vasilievich
50. FILATOV, Alexey Yevgenevich
51. FURSENKO, Andrey Aleksandrovich
52. FURSENKO, Sergei Aleksandrovich
53. GALINKIN, Valeriy Iosifovich
54. GIZAY, Svetlana Fiodorovna
55. GOLDA, Dimitry Yuryevich
56. GOLUBOVICH, Mikhail Vasilyevich
57. GOVTVIN, Yuriy Nikolaevich
58. GRITSENKO, Yevgeny Dmitrievich
59. GROMAKOV, Aleksandr Yurevich
60. GRYAZONOVA, Olga Petrovna
61. GUBAREV, Andrei Anatolyevich
62. GUBAREVA, Natalya Vladimirovna
63. HALEPA, Igor Nikolaevich
64. HASSAN, Abdu Tamer
65. ILYENKO, Evgeny Alekseevich
66. ISHCHENKO, Viktor Dmitrievich
67. ISMAILOVA, Gulbakhor
68. KADYROV, German Rustemovich
69. KAMYSHOV, Alexander Sergeevich
70. KATSAVALOV, Evgeny Anatolievich
71. KERIMOV, Said Suleimanovich
72. KESAEV, Igor Albertovich
73. KHOROSHILOV, Dmitry Aleksandrovich
74. KHVOROSTIAN, Svetlana Vladimovna
75. KISHKINOV, Vitaliy Mikhaylovich
76. KNYSH, Maxim Gennadievich
77. KOBTSEVA, Olga Anatolyevna
78. KOLESNIKOV, Denis Sergeevich
79. KORNET, Igor Aleksandrovich
80. KOROLYUK, Maxim Vitalievich
81. KOSTENKO, Elena Nikolaevna
82. KOSTENKO, Irina Anatolievna
83. KOSTRUBITSKIY, Alexei Alekandrovich
84. KOVAL, Oleg Valeryevich
85. KOVALCHUK, Gennady Evgenievich
86. KOVALCHUK, Sergey Alexandrovich
87. KOVALENKO, Aleksandra Sergeevna
88. KOVTYRIN, Alexander Vladimirovich
89. KOZLOV, Ivanovich Sergey
90. KRAMARENKO, Artem Alexandrovich
91. KRAVETS, Vitaly Vladimirovich
92. KRAVTSOVA, Olga Alexandrovna
93. KRIYERENKO, Aleksandr Valeryevich
94. KRYUKOVA, Julia Mikhailovna
95. KUKARSKY, Dmitry Anatolyevich
96. KULBATSKAYA, Klavdia Yurievna
97. KUMANOVA, Svetlana Anatolievna
98. KURENKOV, Alexander Pavlovich
99. KUSHAKOV, Mikhail Nikolaevich
100. KUZMIN, Konstantin Alexandrovich
101. LAVRENOV, Evgenij Evgenievich
102. LAVROVA, Maria Aleksandrovna
103. LEONOV, Yury Vladimirovich
104. LEPA, Roman Nikolaevich
105. LISOBEY, Yaroslav Igorevich
106. LISOEV, Andrei Viktorovich
107. LUSTENKO, Andrey Yurievich
108. LYSENKO, Roman Grigoryevich
109. MAKAROV, Kirill Borisovich
110. MAKEEVA, Olga Alexandrovna
111. MALAKHOVA, Svetlana Anatolievna
DOB: 27/08/1964. Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref): RUS1163 (UK Statement of Reasons): Designated for the purposes of an asset freeze and a travel ban under the Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019. The designation is made as a 112. MALKOV, Alexander Viktorovich
113. MALY, Pavel Georgievich
114. MARDANOV, Ruslan Raisovich
115. MARFINA, Zhanna Viktorovna
116. MARTYNOV, Yury Igorevich
117. MATRUS, Igor Viktorovich
118. MASLOV, Igor Venediktovich
119. MEDVEDCHUK, Viktor Volodymyrovich
120. MEDVEDEV, Vladimir Anatolievich
121. MIKHAILOVA, Yulia Valentinovna
122. MNDOIANTS, Serguey Achotovich
123. MOSHKIN, Vladimir Evgenievich
124. MOSINA, Anna Mikhaylovna
125. NADEN, Zinaida Gavrilovna
126. NARZIEVA, Saodat
127. NAUMETS, Sergei Sergeevich
128. NEVEROV, Sergey Nikolaevich
129. NIKONOROVA, Natalya Yurievna
130. OBOLENSKAYA, Alla Ivanovna
131. OGILETS, Dmitry Alexandrovich
132. ONOPKO, Oleg Vladimirovich
133. OPRISHHENKO, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
134. PAKREEV, Vladimir Gennadievich
135. PARSHIN, Maxim Alekseevich
136. PASHCHENKO, Natalya Alexandrovna
137. PASHKOV, Igor Valentinovich
138. PAVLENKO, Vladimir Nikolaevich
139. PEREVERZEVA, Tatyana Viktorovna
140. PERTSEV, Vasily Anatolievich
141. PETAYKIN, Alexander Nikolaevich
142. PILAVOV, Pavel Aristievich
143. PIROGOVA, Maria Vladimirovna
144. PODLIPAEVA, Svetlana Nikolaevna
145. PODLIPANOV, Dmitry Viktorovich
146. PODTYNNAYA, Alla Arkadyevna
147. POKINTELITSA, Yuri Ivanovich
148. POLOVYAN, Aleksei Vladimirovich
149. POLYAKOV, Vladimir Nikolaevich
150. POLYANSKAYA, Natalya Alekseevna
151. POPOV, Oleg Nikolaevich
152. POPOVA, Irinia Vasilievna
153. PRISENKO, Leonid Viadimirovich
154. PROKOPENKO, Sergey Borisovich
155. PRONKO, Yuriy Alexandrovich
156. PROTASOV, Maxim Alekseevich
157. PSHENICHNAYA, Natalya Anatolyevna
158. PUSHKIN, Lubomir Evgenievich
159. RAKHMUKOVA, Elena Ivanovna
160. RUKAVISHIKOVA, Lyudmila
161. RUSANOV, Vladislav Adolfovich
162. RUSHHAK, Vladimir Mikhailovich
163. RYABUSHKIN, Igor Nikolaevich
164. SANAYEV, Ivan Vladimirovich
165. SANKIN, Vladimir Vladimirovich
166. SAVELOV, Vladimir Vladimirovich
167. SELIVANOVA, Anastasia Yurievna
168. SERGUN, Natalya Vladimirovna
169. SEROV, Sergei Viktorovich
170. SERYOZHENKO, Alexander Anatolievich
171. SHEPOTKO, Pavel Alexandrovich
172. SHISHKINA, Elena Nikolaevna
173. SHORT, Alexander Vladimirovich
174. SHULGIN, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
175. SIDOROV, Dmitry Sergeevich
176. SIGIDINA, Oksana Viktorovna
177. SIROVATKO, Yuriy Nikolaevich
178. SKOROKHODOV, Valery Vladimirovich
179. SKRYPNIK, Konstantin Evgenyevich
180. SOPELNIK, Andrei Fiodorovich
181. STRELCHUK, Natalya Ivanovna
182. SVETLOV, Viacheslav Evgenyevich
183. TAMBOVTSEV, Andrei Mikhaylovich
184. TELIKANOV, Yuriy Nikolaevich
185. TELNYKH, Sergey Leonidovich
186. TIMCHENKO, Elena Petrovna
187. TODOROVA, Anna Yurievena
188. TOLSTYKINA, Larisa Valentinovna
189. UDALOV, Roman Sergeevich
190. USACHEVA, Alexandra Alexandovna
191. UVAROV, Maksim Anatolyevich
193. VOLKOVA, Natalya Markovna
195. YAKUNIN, Vladimir Ivanovich
196. YERMOLENKO, Aleksandr Viktorovich
197. YUROV, Yuriy Pavlovich
198. ZADIRAKA, Nelli Akopovna
199. ZAIROVA, Nigina
200. ZAKABLUK, Yuri Mikhailovich
201. ZHELTYAKOV, Mikhail Vasilevich
202. ZHEYNOVA, Marina Nikolaevna
203. ZHIGULIN, Aleksei Mikhailovich
204. ZHUKOV, Mikhail Valerievich
205. ZHURAVLEVA, Tatyana Vladimirovna
206. UBITSKIY, Evgeny Borisovich

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