Making net zero a world reality: here’s how

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The FINANCIAL — How UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is tackling climate change. Real solutions to the challenges of climate change are all happening now, including:

hydrogen-powered planes
offshore windfarms maintained by robots
electric vehicles for all (that must go much further)
insect-based foods
packaging made from seaweed.

They are all part of a major event hosted by UKRI, taking place during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow.

Supported by UKRI investment, the UK’s scientists, researchers and innovators are creating new and exciting solutions to complex and difficult climate challenges. Their work providing robust, rigorous evidence to inform climate policy is equally important in ensuring urgent action.

New and exciting solutions

During the key session taking place in the main COP26 venue, scientists and innovators will be:

exploring the latest in renewable energy, from the role of hydrogen to lighter wind turbine blades
busting some of the myths around electric vehicles as well as considering flight and maritime innovation
revealing new ways to be adding insect-based foods to our diets and solving the problem of plastic
showcasing the work of women and young innovators and unveiling some great ideas about how we can all play a part in tackling climate change.
Speakers at the session include:

Sabrina Malpede, co-founder and Managing Director of ACT Blade Ltd, designing novel, light wind turbines
Keiran Whitaker, CEO and Founder of Entocycle, the UK’s leading insect farming company. Entocycle uses bioconversion, technology and automation to turn food waste into high-quality, sustainable insect products for use in pet food and aquaculture.
Dr Emma Fieldhouse, Director of Future We Want, taking her physical carbon footprint games and turning them into a digital version to expand their appeal and global reach.
Imagine a world of possible solutions

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Kara Cartwright, Clean Growth Innovation Lead for Innovate UK, part of the UKRI, said:

We’re offering visitors to COP26 the chance to imagine a world of possible solutions to problems which can seem overwhelming.

With many well researched and innovative solutions on show, it should become clearer how we can create a brighter future which includes widespread deployment to help reduce climate change and its impact on our planet and people.
The session will finish with a live link-up with students from Newquay Tretherras School, Cornwall. They are working with researchers from the University of Bristol to develop an animation on what climate change means to them and how they would put these concerns to world leaders gathering in Glasgow.

Other companies taking part in the session include:

Zeroavia: hydrogen fuelled aircraft
Trojan: electric vehicle charging points
OX Truck: battery powered trucks
Notpla: seaweed packaging for liquids
Matter: microfibre collection from washing machines
Floco: sustainable sanitary pads
SGMA Sol-gel: sustainable waterproof coating for paper
Uncommon Alchemy: seaweed as a leather alternative
Re_considered: upcycling of clothing and textiles
Revive Innovations: recycling CD waste
Mykor: creation of insulation material using funghi
Riversimple: hydrogen-fuelled cars.

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