Marketing to Millennials: Tips and Tricks

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In this modern day and age, it’s becoming more common that target audiences are becoming younger and younger, but it can be hard to grab their attention. Marketing to millennials can be hard to do, but they’re arguably, one of your biggest potential customers for the future. So, with this in mind, you want to make sure you’re doing the right thing with generational marketing and targeting them on your platforms. Millennials are now starting to use social media platforms at younger ages, compared to older ages and therefore, this is why they’re a great age group to be targeting for your business.

However, as we know, it’s hard to get their attention and keep it, so we’re going to look at some generational marketing tips and tricks, for marketing to millennials.

What is a Millennial and Generational Marketing?

A millennial is a person born between 1980 and 2000 and therefore, the last generation of the 20th century. This puts them as being aged 20-30’s and therefore, means they have spending power and the ability to buy what they want. As well as this, they’re the generation that use a lot of social media and therefore, they’re more likely to find a business online. 

Generational marketing is a marketing approach that uses segmentation of generations in marketing communications. So, the different generations are split out into groups and then you can use generational marketing, to target each group, dependant on age and what they may like to see. 

Why Market to Millennials?

The millennials generation holds the greatest power out of them all for spending money. As they are mainly in their 20’s-30’s, they have the ability to spend their own money on what they want. This is excellent for businesses and a key reason why you should be marketing to millennials, they are potentially one of your biggest target audiences. It is estimated that in 2020, they spend around $1.4 trillion, which just proves the spending power that millennials have. Also going off the age group, they are most likely to be using social media and online shopping and therefore, you can use this to your power. 

Social media is excellent for any business and especially when it comes to marketing to millennials. This, followed by ecommerce, will be one of the strongest marketing methods to use for millennials. 

The Best Channels for Millennials

The most important thing when marketing to millennials, is making sure you’re getting their attention and drawing them in. This can be the hardest part, but once you’ve got their attention, it makes it much easier. With most millennials being big technology users, these days, ecommerce and social media channels will be the best marketing methods for you to use.

Online Stores

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By making your services and items available online, this instantly makes it much easier for potential customers. If they were to come across your brand, one of the first things they are likely to do, is look up your website. If you make your website professional, eye-catching, easy and accessible, then this already gives off a great impression. It also allows you to show off exactly what you do and what you offer, so it’s easy for people visiting, to see the products and determine if they’d be interested or not. It’s likely millennials will always look up your online store, so make sure it’s as good as can be, to stand out and make a good, lasting impression. 

Social Media

This probably won’t come as a surprise, but social media is one of the best marketing methods to use in generational marketing. So many people now use social media, so it’s a great, free tool to use for your business. Channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are all great platforms to use and show off your business. By building up your online and digital presence, it attracts more people and gains more customers. Similar to the online store, millennials are most likely to find a business on social media and have a look at their pages, so make sure you’re building your social media channels up and showing off what you offer. Social media is a great tool to use for marketing purposes, for any business. 

Tips for Marketing to Millennials

When marketing to millennials, it can be a hard task to catch their eye and draw them in. Below, are some tips on how to market to millennials and what to do when using social channels. With most millennials using the internet, this is your key point of focus to get their attention, but you’ve got to try and stand out to them.

Instagram Worthy

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Make sure that your posts and social media channels are what are classed as Instagram worthy these days. By having an Instagram worthy page and products, millennials are drawn in much quicker and more likely to check out your business. 


The generation of millennials value connection and interaction, especially online too. Make sure you’re engaging with those that engage with you and your pages. Whether they’re making a comment or asking a question, always make sure to reply as they will appreciate this and it leaves a good, long-lasting impression.

Appeal to Their Values

Millennials are big on their values in today’s society, so make sure to focus on these and do what you can, to appeal to them. They embrace differences and support empowerment, so by appealing to these values, you’re likely to attract them to your brand.

Show Off Your Company Values and Culture

Make sure to talk about the company values and culture too, as a lot of people are attracted to the business and their beliefs, rather than the initial products. If you’re a company that embraces similar values and culture to them, they’re more likely to check out business page.

Use Influencers

Our final generational marketing tip is to use influencers to promote the brand and business. So many millennials are influenced by what their favourite influencers are wearing, buying and posting about. So, by using influencers that align with the company values, helps to get your brand awareness out there to others and also attracts millennials to the business too. Using influencers can have a big impact on what others do and purchase. 

With millennials, it can be hard to market towards them and attract them to your business. However, with most millennials being internet and social media users, they’re the best audience to be targeting, as they also spend the most. The key thing is to attract them to the business, ensure you’re meeting their values and engaging with them and post things that they will like to see. 


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