Medical Group Akhali Khedva Opening 5 Stores, Launching New Product Lines in Georgia

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Medical Group Akhali Khedva continues to provide the Georgian market with modern, innovation-oriented, high quality medical products and services. This year Akhali Khedva intends to open five orthopaedic stores, and introduce new products and services by means of its online sales platform.

Founded in 2011, Akhali Khedva currently presents a wide range of medical services and products. The medical company is favoured for its unconventionally innovative projects and leading exclusive brands throughout the international market.

Medical company Akhali Khedva presides within three core directions. The first direction is the chain of Akhali Khedva stores where orthopaedic and trauma products are sold. In total, Akhali Khedva possesses 17 stores in Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi and in the cities of Kutaisi, Gori, Zugdidi, and Batumi.

The second direction is the Akhali Khedva Clinic which offers unique, high-tech foot and bone system diagnostics, prophylaxis and preparation of individual shoe inserts (supinators) with a newest generation, ultra-sensory platform, from Italian manufacturer company Diasus (contemporary products, which create a 3D detailed print of the load capacity on the feet).

And finally, the third direction is corporate sales. Currently, medical group Akhali Khedva cooperates with 150 hospitals and clinics, more than 200 pharmacies, sports and rehabilitation centres. The company actively works on the import and distribution of products, as well as on individual, specialized orders.

This year Akhali Khedva won its first Golden Brand award, referred to as “the Oscars of the business world” in Georgia.

“A complex approach is what makes Akhali Khedva a dominant company in its field on the Georgian market. From the very beginning, we wanted our clients to be able to find any orthopaedic products in once space, and we have achieved that goal. We are able to offer a wide choice, equalizing the price with the corresponding high quality; trained staff; complete service; and most significantly – we are not only a company, we are a group of medical people who always try to be oriented on self-development,” said Giorgi Monaselidze, General Director of Akhali Khedva.

Akhali Khedva is an exclusive partner of world leading brands from Germany, such as the company Bauerfeind, which supplies Akhali Khedva with different kinds of high quality instep support; DARCO – which produces high quality sports tapes and shoes for hallux valgus; and Sigvaris-Switzerland, which produces stockings for varicose veins.

“The first brand that became our official partner was Turkish orthopaedic products manufacturer Morsa Cyberg. Akhali Khedva became the official representative of this company in 2011. Later, in 2014 we became an official partner of two German brands and opened four new stores. We also expanded our distribution network and started cooperation with leading Georgian pharmacies – Aversi and GPC,” said Monaselidze.

Akhali Khedva has been impressively developing on the Georgian market and we are happy that this year the growth of our company was also recognised by Golden Brand experts and customers.”

At present Akhali Khedva offers orthopaedic, supinator, varicose care products, patient care products, as well as surgical materials.

“Out of the variety of those above-mentioned products, I can distinguish the most popular ones as the supinator, varicose care products, and traumatology implants,” said Monaselidze.

Medical company Akhali Khedva employs 75 people as of today.

Q. You mentioned that quality is what matters to your company. Could you please tell us about the quality of the products that are sold by Akhali Khedva in Georgia and also the quality of the services offered by the company?

A. There are several criteria that indicate quality and one of them is quality certificates. All of our suppliers have international standard quality certificates. It is also important to know which countries the products are produced in, as somehow this fact has an impression on the quality of the product. For example: we could start importing Sigvaris products from Asian countries. This would help us to reduce the cost of the product, however we prefer to import them from Switzerland. We cooperate with companies that have years of experience.

To note, Akhali Khedva has been receiving different awards from the Swiss Business Association for four years already.

Q. What innovative services have been introduced by Akhali Khedva in Georgia?

A. We are proud to say that we were the first company to establish a network of orthopaedic stores. We were the first to decide to open a network of stores covering this very specific direction. 10 years ago it would have been unimaginable to so easily be able to purchase the majority of the products which are presented and available today in our stores.

We have formed a courier service, which is the best way to create a comfortable method for customers to get the products, and for these to be delivered to a place of their choosing, without having to leave their homes.

Q. How does Akhali Khedva manage to attract new customers and compete with other companies?

A. First of all we manage to attract customers thanks to our professionalism and doing our job to such a high standard and quality. After this, our customers themselves promote us among their friends and acquaintances.

We are actively involved in social networks, publishing different articles; participating in the question-answer section of our website; and providing all of the information requested by our customers.

We also display our products at different medical exhibitions.

All of those efforts can be summarised in one sentence: we love what we do, and besides the commercial benefit, we get great pleasure when a patient is satisfied. “What goes around, comes around!”

As for the competition, we try not to be satisfied with what we have already achieved. As I mentioned, this year we will open new stores and introduce new products to our loyal customers.

Our goal is to offer as many services and products to customers as possible, in order to reduce problematic issues and reinforce a healthy way of life for them.

Q. What are the challenges that Akhali Khedva faces on the Georgian market?

A. Unfortunately, our field is not insured by the state, nor by private insurance companies, which creates an additional obstacle for the further development of this field. The situation is completely different in developed countries. However, we are doing our best to help this field to flourish.

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