Mercedes-Benz V-Class available with wheelchair cassette lift and transfer seat ex factory for the first time

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The FINANCIAL — Stuttgart/Düsseldorf. More mobility for people with physical constraints: Mercedes-Benz has offered ex factory driving aids since 2010 – and the range is getting wider all the time.

Two new solutions are available for the V-Class people carrier in time for REHACARE 2018, the international trade fair for rehabilitation and care: the cassette lift “F6” and the transfer seat “Slider”. Both are aimed specifically at wheelchair users. The cassette lift facilitates comfortable access to the vehicle, whilst the transfer seat makes it easy to move from the wheelchair to the driver’s seat. It will soon be possible to order the solutions directly when purchasing the vehicle. They are installed at the Mercedes-Benz Car Modification Center in Sindelfingen. The customer thus receives everything from a single source with the full Mercedes-Benz guarantee.

Easy entry thanks to cassette lift “F6”

The “F6” cassette lift is fitted beneath the V-Class and opens to the rear sliding door (front-passenger side). It can be extended at the touch of a button via remote control and lowered to ground level. Another press of a button and the lift goes up, giving wheelchair users easy access to the vehicle interior. The cassette lift’s carrying and hoisting capacity is up to 300 kilograms.

Uncomplicated move to the driver’s seat with the “Slider” transfer seat

Once in the back of the vehicle, it is easy to move from the wheelchair directly to the driver’s seat of the V-Class using the “Slider” transfer seat. The driver’s seat is mounted on a special seat base frame with a rail system and can be pushed back about 42 centimetres. The feet are positioned on a non-slip, moving footrest. The transfer seat is operated manually.

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On request the cassette lift and transfer seat can also be ordered with a Mercedes-Benz Vito.


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