Metro de Madrid Selects Accenture to Support its Digital Transformation

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The FINANCIAL — Metro de Madrid, one of the largest metro systems in the world with over 300 stations along 294 kilometers of track, has selected Accenture to support the design of a new operational model for control of station equipment, security, and passenger information management.

The “Digital Metro Station” transformation project has two main work-streams: the first – using the Accenture IT Framework – defines the next generation platform that will control and operate the station as part of a wider, second phase redesign of the organization’s IT architecture.

Metro de Madrid currently runs a combination of heterogeneous and proprietary solutions, with information stored in functional silos and a high total cost of ownership. Its objective is to define an open and scalable digital architecture which supports a sustainable growth for the future, according to Accenture.

Accenture will work with Metro de Madrid to analyze and compare different technologies available that could support its digital transformation, improving efficiency in station operations through centralized business process integration and orchestration, providing an improved passenger experience and introducing the flexibility to create new Internet of Things (IoT) enabled services. Once suitable technologies are selected, a pilot will be built using Accenture Connected Platforms as a Service (CPaaS) with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, integrating each component to ensure and validate engineering requirements and the scalability potential for a broader implementation.

“This long-term project to create a new digital platform to underpin our service is a very complex engagement” said Carlos Esquíroz, Engineering and Maintenance Director, Metro de Madrid. “By working with Accenture to understand the breadth and depth of the available technologies, we are confident that the final platform implementation itself will be a success, and that our new standardized digital operational model will result in enhanced operation, and greater passenger satisfaction.”

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“By prototyping and testing the real-time integration capabilities of different technology offerings using Accenture CPaaS, we are able validate that we define the correct deployment strategies for Metro de Madrid,” said Carlos Gallego, managing director, Accenture. “In addition, we are creating the foundation for a Compliance and Certification Lab, which will allow Metro de Madrid to work with manufacturers in the future to quickly and efficiently test the interoperability of their products with the overarching digital architecture.”

Fully compliant with the current version of the IoT reference architecture from the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Accenture CPaaS is an open, broadly deployed global IoT platform, which in this case is extensively optimized for the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, combining security, scalability and cost benefits as well as innovative new business models.


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