MMM in Nigeria: New Entrepreneurs Acquired New Tools from HBF

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The FINANCIAL– In a country where it is tough to get any job, and one salary is in no way enough to feed a family, people should acquire skills to become an entrepreneur. Having acquired such skills, many people receive the necessary tools to earn their living at a decent level.

 So, in 2003, a unique organization started to work in Nigeria, offering all interested citizens special training programs on how to become an entrepreneur. However, until recently, not many Nigerians have known about its primary activity. It is called Hope Builders Skills Development and Acquisition Foundation (HBF).

In July 2017, more than 22 Nigerians received their certificates and all the necessary tools that will undoubtedly help them to start own business.

Mrs. Folake Adu, HBF Director, informed that the foundation had already trained more than two thousand Nigerians. She added that the considerable part of them had already been successfully developing their own companies. Moreover, the Head of HBF showed gratitude to MMM Nigeria for supporting their initiative. 

“We will carefully monitor all our beneficiaries so that we are sure they use efficiently all the acquired tools to become own bosses,” summarized Mrs. Folake Adu.

Additionally, Amaka Benson, MMM Charity coordinator, told that they were glad to sponsor the idea. She also added that MMM Nigeria was unbelievably pleased to contribute to Nigerians` success. 

Professor Martins Anatekhai, the Director of Entrepreneurial Studies at the Lagos State University, was the central speaker at the tools presentation occasion. Having congratulated the certificate holders, he recommended them to use the acquired skills for their future success. 

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“Now you have received all the necessary training to become your bosses. I beseech you not to put on the market your knowledge. Just do your best to use it for your own success. Only in this way, you will be able to help both yourself and your relatives,” advised professor of Lagos State University.

Moreover, he recommended them always to stay dedicated, tolerant, and consistent.



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