Monaco and San Marino join DESIGNclass

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The FINANCIAL — As of 09 November 2020, the Industrial Property Office of the Business Development Agency of the Principality of Monaco (MCIPO) and the Patents and Trademarks Office of the Republic of San Marino (USBM) are part of DESIGNclass. From this day, MCIPO and USBM will use and accept the list of terms from the harmonised database of product indications (HDBPI) in DESIGNclass.

Following the decision of MCIPO and USBM to use HDBPI, there are now thirteen (13) non-EU IP offices in DESIGNclass that use and accept terms from this harmonised database.

The last addition of MCIPO and USBM in DESIGNclass brings the total number of participating IP offices to 40.

DESIGNclass offers users the opportunity to search and translate product indications in 28 languages.

The adoption of HDBPI by MCIPO and USBM are concrete results of the International Cooperation programme managed by the EUIPO in collaboration with its international partners

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