Money-Saving Tips to Enjoy your College life

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Most students find saving through college very difficult and tasking. Of course, it is not easy to save as a college student. The reason is simply because most of the activities in college are just expenses bound. 

You spend it all through either purchasing books, foods, clothes or even paying bills almost at all times, all of which make saving difficult. Nonetheless, there are still some money-saving tips to enjoy your college life. In this article, I am going to take you through those money-saving tips which when applied, will enable you to enjoy your college life. 

How do you buy your textbooks?

Textbooks are some of the most money consuming investments which students make in college. In fact, it is one of the key reasons why some college students never get to save. But this mostly happens to those who do not know how to get around this issue. 

As a college student you mustn’t always buy your textbooks new or even from the bookshop. If you rent some of your texts or buy already used ones, you get to save some huge amount of money which you can use to enjoy your college life. So check your friends ahead of you in class and ask them if they have some of the books you need so you can buy from them at a cheaper price and save some money for yourself.

Abstain from making impulsive purchases

As a college student, one of the tips that will make you save money and enjoy your college life is being careful about your buying habits. Have plans of what to buy and ensure you stick to the plan. Do not find yourself in the market and begin to make purchases of some goods or wares you didn’t plan for when you were leaving for the market. That will drain your pocket and before you know what is really going on, you are already on a suffering path instead of enjoying your college life.

Buy your foodstuffs and make your own food

Another very important money-saving tip to enjoy your college life lies in the way you go about your eating. Take an instance and just compare buying your own foodstuffs and making your own food as a college student. Eating outside will, of course, cost you more and you won’t be able to save some money to enjoy your college life. But if you make your own food, you not only do it to your taste but you equally have enough to eat and you will be able to save some money for yourself.

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Land a job and support your schooling

Yes, you just heard me right! Even as a college student, you can still land yourself some jobs to support your college life and to assist you make some savings too, while not distracting your academic life. Some of these jobs can be virtual, while some can be just an hour or two per day, but you see, you can make some huge savings from there. All you need is to check out for job adverts that will enable you both work and school. Make your applications, attend your interviews, but most importantly, get to know the expected interview questions for the job that will enable you to land that job, and you are on your way to saving and enjoying your college life to the fullest.

Watch your drinking habit

As a college student, one of the money-saving tips to enjoy your college life is to watch your drinking habits. Perhaps you may do well to remind yourself that you have come to college to study and secure a bright future for yourself and not to visit the bar every evening or get yourself drunk at all times. This will get your pocket always dry and get you always on credit. You just cannot but regulate your drinking habit as well as your smoking habit. 

Pay up your bills early and avoid an added charge

You will have noticed that each time you do not pay your bills on time, extra charges are always accumulated for late payments. What about doing that payment early enough so as to save yourself the extra charges? 

How costly is your means of transportation?

As a college student, do you really need a car? Which is costlier between having a car and using the public transport or even using a bicycle or trekking? You must answer these questions and make a choice of the one with less cost implications so you can save up and enjoy your college life.

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What about having a roommate?

You see, as a college student, if you can actually cope with having a roommate, it will not only make you save part of the money that you have ordinarily spent alone on rent but can even benefit you academically if you are able to get someone with whom you can study.

Where and how do you do your shopping?

Always remember that no matter the money in your pocket, you are still a college student. Therefore, to save some money for yourself and enjoy your college life, shop where it is always cheaper and know that there is no need to show off yet.

Consider selling some of your used textbooks

There are some books you may not need again after you are done with the course. Consider selling them to someone else who needs it and make your money back.

It is no secret that college students are always pressed for money. Young learners have so many expenses, but they do not always have an opportunity to get much income. They always have to save money, buy cheap goods, etc. But what about the spheres where it is not allowed to economize? For example, the situations when they need custom help with writing and want to buy essay papers online written from scratch by experts? Thus, it is very important to know some hacks on how to save money where possible.

Do you really need a pet?

The cost of keeping pets can be so heavy that you may not need to keep one as a college student. Save that money for something else and enjoy your college life.

Do you have a savings account?

Yes, one of the money-saving tips to enjoy your college life is to have a savings account. There are many mobile apps for this and you can equally use your bank. 


In the article above, we have highlighted the major money-saving tips to enjoy your college life. If you follow these tips strictly, you will most certainly make some savings and enjoy your college life. Hope you had a good read?


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