Monsour Law Firm Handles Cases Specific To Oil Field Related Injuries

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The FINANCIAL — An oil field injury can have devastating consequences.


In fact, there have been many cases reported where a person has been permanently disabled after an oil field accident. Because rig accidents can have such devastating consequences, those who have been involved in an accident should not hesitate to contact the Monsour Law Firm.

This oil field injury law firm has been in practice for over five years. As WebWire reported, they have helped hundreds of people get compensation for oil rig collapses. They will fight hard to make sure that justice gets served.

Not only are these lawyers extremely competent, but they are also hard working. They have extended office hours to make sure that every one of their clients gets the attention that they need. That is not something that can be said about other lawyers in the area.

There is no need for a victim of an oil field explosion to continue to suffer. People who have been injured should not hesitate to contact the Monsour Law Firm. They are waiting to hear from hurt victims.



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