More U.S. Consumers Bank On The Go, Even on Dates

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The FINANCIAL — Digital banking technology keeps making it much easier for U.S. consumers to manage their finances on the go. So easy, in fact, that a third of them bank on their phone and online more than a year ago — and many are doing it at work, at the store or even while on a date, according to JPMorgan Chase.

The Chase survey found:

More than half (54%) use their mobile banking app at work. One in 10 checked it during a client meeting.

Many use it at a restaurant (39%), in a check-out line at a store (38%) and during a date (17%) – likely to ensure there’s enough to avoid an embarrassing situation.

They’re also checking it during coffee or smoking breaks (37%), commuting (28%) and waiting to pick up a child from school (24%).

“This survey tells us what our customers have shown us over the last two years,” said Barry Sommers, CEO of Chase Consumer Banking. “They love the ease of handling their routine banking online, on their phone and at an ATM.”

More consumers are using their mobile app (33%) or banking online (35%) than last year while only 16% are stopping by branches more often.

Overall, more of the 1,500 adults Chase surveyed are using a bank’s website or online portal (70%) than using a bank’s app on a mobile phone or tablet (47%).

Millennials know there’s an app for that
Millennials are all about digital – especially the mobile app – signaling the future of banking.
 Hispanics are doing more with digital
Hispanic consumers turn to banking technology at a higher rate than others. Nearly half are using banking apps (45%) and a bank’s website (48%) more than a year ago.

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They are also using their banking app on the go more than the rest of the population.

64% use it while at work
49% use it in a check-out line at a store
47% use it at a restaurant.

ATMs aren’t just for cash anymore

As ATMs get smarter, the survey found that Americans recognize the numerous capabilities of ATMs:

Viewing account balances and transactions (70%)
Transferring money from one account to another (46%) and
Depositing checks (64%).

One third (33%) of Millennials are using their bank’s ATMs now more than a year ago, compared to 16% of GenXers and 10% of Boomers.

The survey was commissioned in conjunction with Chase’s newly launched Mastery campaign, featuring Serena Williams, Nick Cannon, Tim Morehouse, Joel Silverman, The Rockettes, and world-renowned tango dancers Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrinuevo. While they’ve spent years mastering their crafts, they mastered Chase’s digital banking in a flash.


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