Most Expensive Luxury cars to Insure

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If you are curious about which luxury car will cost you the most to insure, the list below will give you the top five models that will cost you the most. It may be helpful for you to know what type of vehicle is considered to be a luxury variety. Wikipedia describes a luxury car as one that offers more comfort, more gadgets, enhanced quality, and better performance.

  1. Maserati Quattroporte S Gransport-This Italian made luxury car is said to be the rebel of the luxury world. Why is that? This car has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a high-end vehicle, but the makers have leaned more towards performance than the others have. It comes with your choice of a V6 or V8, both have twin turbos and push out some power. Both options come standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear wheel drive. The handling of this luxury car reminds you of a sports car with its stiff suspension, agile handling, and instant power.
  2. Maserati Ghibli Q4 Gransport-This Italian made car is a luxury car with attitude. The looks of it make you think fast and sporty, which it is. It also has all the luxury add-ons that you would expect. The Q4 comes with a drivetrain that is all wheel drive. It is powered by an eight-speed transmission that is pushed by a twin turbo V6 that gives you around 424 horsepower. The all-wheel drive system is designed with performance in mind. The system will send 100% of the power to the back wheels unless front wheel slippage is detected. In that case 50% of the power will be rerouted to the front tires. This offers power for performance and safety, when needed. Both Maserati options listed are powerful and build to drive hard, so your insurance will be high. Use a car insurance compare site to get the best deal that you can.
  3. Tesla Model S Performance (Plaid)-You would expect the Tesla to be on this list, and it is. It claims two out of the five spots with this luxury car that is designed for the future. It is an electric car that has a range of about 412 miles with a full charge. Do not let this fool you, though. The power and quickness of this car will take your breathe away. The front and back are powered by separate motors so this vehicle is all wheel drive, all the time. With the plaid model you will get a third motor under the hood which delivers the power and performance that you want.
  4. Tesla Model X Performance (Plaid)-This is the SUV version of the car above. It has three electric motors. One for the front wheels, one for the back tires, and then an extra to push more power into the performance of the car. It has everything inside that most luxury cars have. You can average 340 miles for a full charge, with fast charging capabilities for the times when you need the car up and running fast.
  5. BMW M760i xDrive-This light weight, high powered luxury car is a combination of power, performance, and comfort. The interior is stocked with equipment and comfort options that you come to expect in a BMW. The twin turbo V12 is a powerhouse that puts out 601 horsepower straight off the production line. It is all wheel drive that produces the sensation of a rear-wheel-drive monster. It has an added rear wheel steering system that will turn the rear wheels slightly in the direction that you are turning the steering wheel.

You would think that BMW and Mercedes would have more top spots. In the past that would have been true. These vehicles will still cost you more to insure than your average grocery getter, but they have been surpassed by the innovative technology of the other car makers.

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