NASDAQ Wins Transfers Battle in 2011

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The FINANCIAL — The NASDAQ OMX Group, captured more than $80 billion in market capitalization from companies that transferred their listings to The NASDAQ Stock Market in 2011, compared to $30 billion for its U.S.-based competitors, according to NASDAQ OMX.


NASDAQ's switches, which include blue chips companies such as Texas Instruments and Viacom, point to a pattern of success for NASDAQ over the past few years. Since 2005, NASDAQ has won 64 switches with a market capitalization of $416 billion, compared to just $129 billion lost to other U.S. exchanges. The pattern of larger, successful companies switching to NASDAQ far outweighs the smaller cap companies moving elsewhere.

NASDAQ won the only spinoff to switch exchanges — AMC Networks.  Every other spinoff this year remained on the exchange of its former parent company.

NASDAQ continues to dominate the technology sector with 82% of technology companies choosing to list on NASDAQ in the second half of the year.  In 2011, the majority of technology listings chose to list on NASDAQ, including high profile companies like Groupon, Zynga, Zillow and TripAdvisor. And in May, NASDAQ landed Russia-based Yandex, the largest tech IPO since Google. Overall, NASDAQ is home to more than 77% of all technology listings in the U.S.

NASDAQ has a strong IPO pipeline for 2012. Currently, there are 112 U.S. companies filed with the SEC to list on NASDAQ, compared to 89 for other U.S.-based exchanges. And of the 112 companies intending to list on NASDAQ this year, 31 are technology firms, dwarfing the 11 technology companies planning to list elsewhere in the U.S.



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