Nestlé invests CHF 87 million in new beverages factory and noodle line in Malaysia

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The FINANCIAL — Nestlé has invested approximately CHF 87 million (RM 378 million) in a new beverages factory and noodle line in Malaysia. Both facilities are located in Nestlé’s largest manufacturing site in the country, in the city of Shah Alam, which employs close to half of Nestlé Malaysia’s workforce.

The new factory, which cost CHF 66 million (RM 288 million), is Nestlé’s eighth in Malaysia. It will produce Ready-To-Drink products, including Milo, Nescafé and Nestlé Omega Plus, for which Nestlé is seeing rising demand, according to Nestlé.

Building on Maggi noodle’s growing popularity in the country, where 1.7 million single packs of the product are sold every day, Nestlé has also invested around CHF 21 million (RM 90 million) in a new high-capacity noodle line to produce Maggi Curry Noodles, a favourite among Malaysian consumers. 

Over the past two years, Nestlé has invested more than CHF 137 (RM 600 million) as part of its long-term growth strategy in Malaysia.


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