Nestlé supports reskilling drive in Europe

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The FINANCIAL — The job landscape in Europe is undergoing significant change, meaning that many workers are looking to learn new skills that will help them get in-demand jobs.

According to Nestlé closing the skills gap will improve people’s lives and ensure competitiveness in Europe. That is why Nestlé is backing a new initiative – Reskilling 4 Employment (R4E) – launched by the European Round Table for Industry (ERT).

The goal is to reskill 1 million adults of all ages in Europe by 2025, with help from the public, private and social sectors.

The R4E initiative aims to shift towards an end-to-end model for adult training. Candidates are made aware of the opportunities and embrace the need to change occupation. Then they are trained, placed and mentored into a future-proof job.

In its first year, R4E will begin with pilot projects in 3 EU member states: Portugal, Spain and Sweden. The companies championing the program in this first wave include Nestlé and other ERT members.

This announcement comes as the EU Social Summit is taking place in Porto on May 7 and 8, with EU leaders discussing the social policy agenda for the next decade.
Boosting digital skills

With the food and beverage industry experiencing rapid change in recent years, Nestlé is very aware of the need to constantly learn new skills. A great example of how it is helping its own employees stay up to date and explore new options is the Nestlé eBusiness Academy.

The Nestlé eBusiness Academy allows employees, trainees and apprentices to gain digital know-how. The eLearning has been developed under a gaming format. It allows employees to have fun while learning. Users progress with their lessons by collecting points, unlocking badges and competing with each other. Icing on the cake: employees can obtain a certificate once they’ve completed their learning path.

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With the eBusiness Academy, Nestlé also wants to support young people get the right digital competences. As part of the Nestlé needs YOUth program, a specific learning path has been developed for Nestlé’s young employees, trainees and apprentices in relevant roles. In 2020, Nestlé announced it will create 40,000 jobs, apprenticeships and traineeships for young people across EMENA region.

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