New aromas, New Drinks and New Brand ‘Geo Natura’: Healthy Water Makes Impression in Georgia and Export Markets

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JSC Healthy Water (Tskali Margebeli), the producer of mineral waters Nabeghlavi and Bakhmaro in Georgia, is now adding new products to its portfolio including 100 percent natural juices, energy drinks, and even a whole new brand ‘Geo Natura’. All of this comes after its ultra-modern plant equipped with the best technologies opened in Georgia’s Guria region, in the village of Nabeghlavi.

“Since the opening of the plant our company has been offering lots of novelties to customers. We have developed our mineral water brand Nabeghlavi, started production of Austrian brand Rauch’s natural juices, and added the brand new energy drink Bugha to our portfolio with mojito and mojito strawberry aromas. It is also notable that our company created a new brand of natural mineral spring water called Geo Natura. It is this that was actually the biggest novelty of 2018 for Healthy Water,” said Ana Berishvili, Head of Marketing Department of Healthy Water.

Geo Natura unites several products under its umbrella, such as mineral water for children Basti-Bubu, mojitos and Georgian lemonades.

“Geo Natura is a high quality Georgian product and promises many interesting products to customers in the future. This brand is distinguished for its diversity, light colours, convenient packaging and most importantly – quality,” said Berishvili.

JSC Healthy Water has always been famous for its bold decisions regarding introducing new products on the market. Besides offering its traditional product of Nabeghlavi, which is one of the most popular mineral waters in Georgia, the company has also updated the product with new aromas and now offers canned Nabeghlavi with lime and grapefruit aromas, both of which have already conquered the Georgian market.

This product was a novelty for the market – a still mineral water with all the same beneficial characteristics, simply with lime and grapefruit aromas added.

In total, Healthy Water owns about 220 unique products that are sold on the local market as well as exported to over 30 countries.

“The export list comprises EU and Arab countries, North America, Asian countries including Japan, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. Export has grown significantly to these countries: Kuwait, China, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. There are notably high standards of quality in these countries, yet we have managed to meet these very standards thanks to our new plant in the village of Nabeghlavi,” said Berishvili.

Berishvili says that with this portfolio of 220 products, Healthy Water takes the leading position on the Georgian market.

“It is worth mentioning that the strongest aspect of our products is the quality. The mineral water Nabeghlavi is the best-loved product of Georgian customers, however the brand’s flavoured products have steadily gained popularity as well. All of our products, Bugha, Rauch juices, iced tea or juices for children, are taking their worthy positions on the market. Sales of Geo Natura products are on the rise as well,” Berishvili said.

It should be noted that the US Army in Georgia is supplied with Healthy Water products as the company even meets the standards of the Pentagon.

Healthy Water has once again won a Golden Brand award, upon becoming the first choice of not only experts, but of about 2,000 surveyed customers as well.

It is very gratifying when experts award recognition to Nabeghlavi. Mineral water Nabeghlavi truly is beneficial for the health. This product has a high mineralisation level, however unlike other waters Nabeghlavi is a product for daily consumption.

“It is also very pleasant that our company has once again been appreciated by experts as well as customers. Nabeghlavi is the holder of a number of awards. This mineral water has many positive and interesting characteristics. It is a water with high mineralization, but unlike other waters it is a product suitable for daily consumption by customers. In addition, it has a lot of medicinal properties,” Berishvili said.

“It is also an important factor that our company is developing constantly and takes into account those trends that are getting established on the market. We offer innovative products to customers. Healthy Water cares for its customers and offers new and interesting flavours, new formats, and most importantly, the company meets international standards that indicate the stable and high quality of the product.

“We think these are the reasons why experts and customers named us their favourite brand,” he said.

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