New cases surge but Georgia still remains green country

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The FINANCIAL — Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia said during the sitting of Cabinet of Minister that the world had scarce knowledge about the COVID-19 at the beginning. The primary goal of country was to stop the spread of the coronavirus and Georgia managed to cope with the challenge successfully. Georgia has reported 259 new cases of the coronavirus earlier today and 62 recoveries and Gakharia also stated that despite the sharp growth of new cases of the virus, Georgia still remains a green state status and a safe destination for tourists. He also said during the governmental sitting that Coordination Council today is planned to discuss resumption of the study process.

Gakharia stated earlier today that the government has no plans to impose any systemic restrictions as the country must go back to a normal way of living and Georgian citizens must learn to live with the coronavirus. He also stated that the country is managing and adapting to the virus and the government has taken all measures to prepare for this stage, which includes the early detection of the virus and effective treatment of infected individuals. Prime Minister said that previous, systemic restrictions and the lockdown served the goal of the government to get ready for the adaptation and management stages of the virus. He said that the 112 service and fever centres around the country are working effectively and instead of only Lugar Lab, which was able to test people for the coronavirus at the early stage of the virus, there are 200 labs now around the country which can do the same job, according to

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Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia said during the governmental sitting that Coordination Council today is planned to discuss resumption of the study process in Georgia. According to PM, normal lifestyle should be restored in the country. “Normal lifestyle should be restored in the country, though with location restrictions and by taking facing risks in consideration. The pupils, especially of primary education, should return to the classrooms,” Gakharia said, as reported by Georgian Public Broadcasting.

On September 22 the Interagency Coordination Council chaired by Giorgi Gakharia once again urged citizens to observe applicable regulations, use facemasks, and keep social distancing as an important precondition for preventing infection. Held at the Administration of the Government, Tuesday’s meeting of the council discussed the country’s epidemiological situation and the dynamic of the spread of the virus. It was pointed out that the growing numbers are no reason to panic because the situation is under control and manageable. The meeting reiterated that no state of emergency or tight nationwide restrictions are under consideration. Healthcare specialists emphasized the importance of using facemasks as one of the most effective means of protection against the virus recognized in the world.

Despite the growing numbers, we can reaffirm that the situation is under control and manageable, Head of the Government Administration Natia Mezvrishvili stated at a briefing following Tuesday’s meeting of the Interagency Coordination Council. “We can state openly, and it should not come as a surprise, that there are no resources to shut down the economy and enforce tight restrictions” – She added. Mezvrishvili also stated that the economy cannot close down, because that will affect citizens, and to prevent it from happening each citizen must exercise high social responsibility. She said that preferably, facemasks must be worn both indoors and outdoors, when coming in close contact with each other.

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Earlier this month, the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency made a statement. They announced that COVID-19 related restrictions on regular scheduled international air services have been prolonged until 1 November 2020. Restrictions don’t apply to flights carried out between airports of Tbilisi, Riga, Paris and Munich, as well as governmental, cargo, ambulance and emergency flights.  Read more.

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