New Generation Mobile Banking for iPhone by Bank of Georgia

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The FINANCIAL — Customers of Bank of Georgia will get access to new generation mobile banking for iPhone and iPod touch by the end of May.The new program gives the possibility to perform all main banking operations from one’s mobile phone in any location.


The new generation mobile banking will be available for other types of phone, like Android and BlackBerry, as well as the iPad in 2-3 months time.

“We are developing our services and this is one more step toward offering the most convenient, highest quality service to our customers,” said Irakli Gilauri, CEO of Bank of Georgia. “It’s remarkable that mobile banking made by Bank of Georgia is a native application for iPhone. This means that the programme is saved in the memory of the phone and uses only a little internet traffic, just to renew data.”

Bank of Georgia is the first bank in Georgia to have placed an application (QR code reader) into AppStore this year. The new generation mobile banking application has already been placed in the AppStore as well and will be available for downloading by the end of May.

The system’s interface is simple and clear. Using new mobile banking is easy and at the same time has lots of diverse functions. Users can manage their accounts and cards, perform transfers, pay utility bills, top-up their phones, get an account receipt about all transactions performed, find the nearest Bank of Georgia branch or ATM, connect to the Bank’s hotline, block the card in case of need, change their password, user name, check the American Express MR points or the amount of CashBack.

There are currency rates and a currency convertor in the main menu of the application, which gives the possibility to easily calculate the equivalent of preferable amount in any currency. Customers will have the ability to create templates of the most frequently used operations.  This saves the time that would otherwise be necessary for the operations and simplifies the process.

“Customers can be in complete control of their accounts,” Gilauri explained. “In the category of deposits, users can check the status of the deposit, type of the deposit, amount of the money,  expiry date and interest rate. In the category of loans, they can see all loans, types of loan, annual percent rate, loan term and schedule of payment. In the category of credit cards, checking the limit of the credit card, used and available credit, minimal payment and the loan deadline is all made possible.”

Customers can transfer money from one of their accounts to another, as well as someone else’s account within Bank of Georgia. They also have the possibility to send a money transfer via Elva system.

Customers will use their internet banking username and password for mobile banking as well.

“This programme is specifically tailored to the requirements of the iPhone platform.. Downloading and renewing the programme from the official portal AppStore of Apple is easy. Plus downloading and using the programme is free of charge,” the CEO states.

A special desk named ‘A Digital Corner’ will be placed in the twelve biggest branches of Bank of Georgia initially. Employees of Bank of Georgia will be there to explain how to use the new mobile banking program to any interested customer and help them navigate through the system as well learn how to download and install it. Customers will be able to obtain Smartphone models of several different brands with an instalment loan at the desk as well.

Bank of Georgia has been offering mobile banking to its customers since May 2008. During this period their mobile banking packages have included PDA banking, WAP banking, Java banking and SMS banking. These all gave the possibility to get the Bank’s service from phones of any generation. As for  the new generation banking system, it will soon be available for the smartphones of other brands.



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