New Hermès Perfume ‘Twilly’ at Ici Paris

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The FINANCIAL — Perfume company Ici Paris is welcoming the latest perfume launched by luxury brand Hermès – Twilly d’Hermès.

The company presented its chic and trendy fragrance to the media in an intimate atmosphere where one could easily smell the scent’s main notes of ginger, tuberose and sandalwood. In Guramishvili Marani, located in Saguramo, a few kilometres from Tbilisi, Hermès’ colourful and autumn-bright colours created the perfect atmosphere for the event.

The floral, spicy and exotic Eau de Parfum amazed all the guests.

“Twilly d’Hermès is aimed at young, free and daring women. It’s the latest fragrance launched by Hermès. The perfume Twilly d’Hermès is the newest era in Hermès perfumery. It is a new direction for the company. Twilly was developed by perfumer Christine Nagel, who joined the Hermès family in 2014. The perfumer was inspired by the free, bold and unpredictable spirit of young girls,” Khatia Shamugia, Head of the Marketing and PR department of Ici Paris, said in her brief and interesting presentation about the brand Hermès and its perfumes.

Perfume has been an integral part of Hermès’ history since the 1930s. In the library of Hermès perfumes, each perfume is a story and opens up an imaginary world. Each scent bears testimony to Hermès’ style: daring and harmonious; timeless and elegant.

“As is the case with me, perfume fans are not only young girls, but also those women who want to always be reminded of being young and free. It’s the scent that you will never forget and you will never confuse with any other,” Shamugia said.

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“The very bottle of Twilly is exciting. It is meant to resemble a carriage lantern and the lid is meant to resemble a black hat. The neck of the bottle is wrapped with a strand of patterned silk, the same one which is used to create those amazing Hermès scarves, available in beautiful colourful prints,” Shamugia told The FINANCIAL.

According to Shamugia, Hermès perfumes are among the most popular fragrances with Ici Paris customers and Twilly is expected to be another bestseller.

Hermès, the French luxury brand, is a group of international standing that remains committed to the ongoing renewal and application of savoir-faire, while pursuing its quest for fresh avenues of creativity. Established in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, today, the company employs more than 8,050 people worldwide. Starting as a fine harness-making business, Hermès has grown into a world-renowned brand for the handcrafted, exquisite leather goods, and has also become a major player in ready-to-wear fashion.

Today, the Hermès name appears on 16 product families: bags and luggage, diaries and small leather goods, saddles, silk, women’s ready-to-wear, men’s ready-to-wear, jewellery, watches, belts, gloves, footwear, hats, enamel and fantasy jewellery, art of living, tableware, and perfume – and the recently developed Hermès Interior & Design activity: Hermès Intérieur & Design.

In 1949, Hermès debuted their first perfume: Eau d’Hermès. Hermes perfumes became a subsidiary in 1961, the same year they introduced their fragrance Calèche, a masterpiece that instantly transformed Hermes fragrances into one of the main players on the stage of modern perfumery. Other great Hermes perfumes followed, such as Concentre d’Orange Verte for both men and women and Elixir des Merveilles, a popular Hermes perfume for women.

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