New location for Wendy’s – Galleria Tbilisi

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The FINANCIAL — Continuing staggering growth in Georgia, from now on your favorite family-restaurant will be available in GALLERIA TBILISI.

WENDY’S entered the Georgian market in 2013. The company has launched its 11th restaurant last week.

Since 2017 beef, chicken and buns served by WENDY’S GEORGIA are all made in Georgia.

“Our meat supply is the finest and the freshest, we put lot’s of effort on daily basis to make sure that every ingredient is up to the international standards. Keeping up with the quality of our product is the core principle of WENDY’S. No financial benefit can compare to the pride that we get from delivering the best possible food since 1969” proudly stated Giorgi Mshvildadze, CEO of WENDY’S GEORGIA.

When asked what would be the determining elements of success of WENDY’S GEORGIA, Rajeev Sabharwal, Vice President of WENDY’S has said: “the visionary leadership of our local partners who believe in our brand values has been key factor to our success. This is the 11th restaurant, and it has been launched with many innovations. The commitment from our local team was incredible, every minor detail has been examined numerous times and all these efforts definitely paid off. We are constantly focused on our core business of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and fries”.

WENDY’S GEORGIA with the help of WISSOL GROUP who strongly supports the idea that disabled people must be given an incentive to fully experience a normal social life, decided to allocate specific jobs in their restaurants. “We will always support the unity of our society” said Giorgi Mshvildadze.

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Over 15 people have started to work for the new restaurant.

“The international scale of WENDY’S enables us to use our influence for a positive change in the world “ stated Rajeev Sabharwal.
However best of WENDY’S GEORGIA is yet to come in 2019



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