Nexia TA: Being the best of 120 countries

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The FINANCIAL — As the financial services sector continues its rapid growth on the Georgian market, Nexia TA strives to become its brightest representative.

Nexia International has opened branches in more than 120 countries, which are accumulating annual revenue of USD 4 billion globally. (2018)

Under the leadership of a very charismatic trio: Boris Megrelishvili, Davit Lomidze, and Gela Mghebrishvili, Nexia TA has been operating on the Georgian market since 2014.

The growth of the Georgian subsidiary has been nothing but spectacular, both from 2016 to 2017, and from 2017 to 2018 the company has shown more 100% growth in revenue.

With such incredible growth, Nexia TA earned its rightful position expectation of 6th place on the Georgian market. To achieve such results in less than a 5-year period is nothing short of amazing.

The figures have not gone unnoticed however, earning its Georgian representatives the rightful name of the best Nexia subsidiary globally! (Nexia has branches in more than 120 countries).

None other than Kevin Arnolds, the Chief Executive of Nexia International, stated himself: “The award was given to the team, whose contributions to the development of Nexia International were unrivalled.”

“Fully meeting the numerous criterion for winning is not the only feat of our team’s that we are proud of,” stated Gela Mghebrishvili, a leading partner of Nexia TA. “Being the best of 115 countries puts Georgia on the map, numerous investors have come to us, eager to learn more about Georgia; we were bombarded with questions relating to the different entrepreneurial sectors in our country and many of these investors were keen on doing business in the nearest future.”

The team takes huge pride in introducing their home country to the entire world. “We really believe that foreign investments will hugely boost our economy. The fact that Nexia TA plays a role in such a great deed is a motivational boost to continue our activities,” added Boris Megrelishvili.

And the motivational boost seems to have had a very positive effect.

Winning apparently became addictive to Nexia TA, as the Georgians went on to completely shock the world with their next award – IAB’s Accounting Capacity Building Champion.

International Accounting Bulletin (IAB), the number one accounting magazine, certainly has tough criteria when it comes to picking winners.

“No Georgian auditory representative company had ever been nominated, let alone been given an IAB award, which makes Nexia TA’s achievement that much more impressive,” Nexia TA representatives told The FINANCIAL.

“We were confident that we had done outstanding work, however nobody can remain 100% sure while facing such fierce competition. I cannot fully describe the range of emotions that grabbed us when our team was announced the winner,” stated Davit Lomidze, a leading partner of Nexia TA.

As the holders of two prestigious nomination awards, Nexia TA is keeping up the work necessary to become the best company on the Georgian market.

“We have managed to become the 6th ranked company on the local market in just 5 years, three years from now we plan to be in the top 5,” Davit Lomidze told The FINANCIAL.

Currently the services of Nexia TA consist of: Assurance services, Tax services – including Transfer prices; Accounting services; Consulting services; Legal services and software.

“We are not just an auditory company; we offer varied services at the highest quality. In fact, we are so confident of our expertise, that we guarantee our partners that their management team will only have to face representatives from any controlling institutions twice – once while greeting them and then while saying goodbye – as we will take care of the rest,” Gela Mghebrishvili proudly told The FINANCIAL.

The confidence and expertise that the company carries is definitely worthy of praise.

However, there is one less publicized service that probably deserves the most appreciation. From the beginning of 2019, Nexia TA offers a free service for those companies and citizens who have had taxes imposed on them unfairly, and lack the expertise or human resources to appeal this in court.

For the price of just GEL 1, the team of experts will take care of your taxation problems.

“People come to us in confusion asking if we really do offer such a service for the cost of just GEL 1, and we don’t blame them. Sometimes it really does sound too good to be true, especially in an industry where it seems as if every action is made solely to make a profit. We believe that breaking that stereotype is crucial. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is very important and an exemplary company should be a beneficial part of society. We are just trying to do that,” stated Boris Megrelishvil.

Currently, thanks to this service many individuals and companies have managed to avoid the unfair payment of huge sums of money. What’s even more impressive about Nexia TA is that they have never lost a lawsuit, maintaining a 100% winning rate, which again highlights the expertise of the staff.

The company counts 150 full-time employees, and its recruitment criteria are very progressive.

Qualifications and degrees from financial schools are of course respected within the company, however a desire for personal development and critical thinking are the traits that a perfect Nexia TA employee must possess.

“Sometimes there are cases where we meet a young, very talented person, who doesn’t have a very high GPA. However, if we see determination, passion, and simply the high practical value that the person brings to the table, we will surely hire them,” stated Gela Mghebrishvili.

With quality of personnel being given huge attention, Nexia TA established the company’s own training academy, where the most qualified will give lectures for absolutely no price.

“Georgian universities send us very enthusiastic youngsters, who have the ability of critical thinking and all the necessary qualities to have a bright career; however they lack experience and deep understanding of the business sectors which we compete in. At Nexia TA Academy, we make sure that these talented people will get the traits they lack to become very productive employees.”

Nexia TA as a team has every necessary trait to dominate the market. The company holds a very optimistic view of the future, and they believe that their best is yet to come.

By Gela Megeneishvili.

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