NIB finances new school and sport facilities in Knivsta, Sweden

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The FINANCIAL — NIB and the municipality of Knivsta have signed a ten-year loan facility of SEK 350 million (EUR 37 million) to finance the construction of school buildings and sport centres.

The loan facility will cover investments in five different sub-projects: a preschool, an elementary school and a sports facility in Vrå, in the northern part of the municipality, as well as a preschool in Kölängen and a sports and cultural centre, according to UPS.

The demand for primary school enrolment in Knivsta is expected to increase by 30-40% until 2030. The new schools and adjacent sports centres will provide up to 960 students with modern teaching and leisure services and support instructors in implementing the new national core curriculum.

“The return on investment in primary childhood education is substantial. The new facilities will support a better physical learning environment and allow for the municipality to accommodate the demands of a fast-growing population,” says Henrik Normann, NIB President & CEO.

The new buildings will be constructed in accordance with the international Passive House Institute Standard. Their primary energy demands will be met from solar energy and geothermal wells. The buildings are designed to be well-insulated and will use heat exchangers to prevent heat loss via the ventilation system.

“We are proud to be acknowledged by NIB in this context. We see it as recognition of the environmental work we are doing, with special regard to our activities in the passive house construction sector. Also, it is a big advantage that this environmental work has contributed to a better loan deal for us”, says Hans-Petter Rognes, CEO at Kommunfastigheter i Knivsta AB.

The municipality of Knivsta has around 17,500 inhabitants and is located in the centre of the Stockholm-Uppsala growth region. Knivsta is currently one of the fastest growing municipalities in Sweden.


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