NIB finances the expansion of Posten Norge’s logistics centre

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The FINANCIAL — NIB and the Norwegian postal service Posten Norge have signed a seven-year loan agreement of NOK 500 million (EUR 51 million) for the expansion and upgrade of the Alnabru logistics centre north of Oslo, Norway.

The modernisation and expansion of the Alnabru logistics centre is part of Posten Norge’s new strategy to centralize logistic terminals and optimise logistics across Norway. The Alnabru terminal is the company’s main hub in Norway, handling parcels, cargo and thermo transports, according to NIB.

The project will lead to efficiency gains mainly due to more efficient transports with the same trucks used for both parcels and cargo transports and through increasing processing capacity of parcels at the terminal. Further, the logistic centre is located next to a train cargo terminal, which allows for better use of rail transport.

The decreased need for transportations leads to reduced emissions of greenhouse gases as well as other transport related emissions and impacts. Posten Norge is further planning on increasing the use of electric vehicles and biofuels in the future.

“The investment will help Posten Norge to provide better service to its customers. Well-functioning logistics are crucial for the effective functioning of products and service markets in the Nordic region”, says Henrik Normann, NIB President & CEO.

Upon completion, the new expanded logistic centre will replace two smaller facilities, which will be taken out of operation.

Posten Norge is the Norwegian postal service. The company is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication, and it operates 18 logistic centres and 30 post offices across the country, as well as over 1,400 outlets in retail stores.


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