Nissan announces recruitment plan for fiscal year 2017

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The FINANCIAL — Nissan plans to hire a total of 1,420 new employees, including new graduates and midcareer hires, during fiscal year 2017.

This represents an increase of 390 employees (38 percent) over the previous fiscal year.

Nissan is increasing hires of engineers and technicians to further accelerate its Intelligent Mobility blueprint, which focuses on electrification, autonomous driving, and connected cars. The move is also a result of an increase in production volume, and the company’s promotion of skill transfer initiatives.

Nissan is actively promoting diversity in its recruitment efforts. Among new university graduates, female employees accounted for 50 percent of hires in administrative positions, 20 percent in engineering positions, and just over 20 percent in technical positions during fiscal year 2016, according to Nissan.

Nissan has been working to cater to employees’ diverse values and varying life needs by promoting the use of annual leave, introducing super flextime and work-at-home programs, and offering onsite daycare centers. The company will continue to build upon these workplace improvement initiatives for both existing and new employees. 


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