No. 1 in baby skincare! Weleda Tops Skincare Brands for Newborns in Georgia

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The world-leading manufacturer of both beauty products and naturopathic medicines Weleda continues to offer healthy skincare solutions for children in Georgia.

As of today Weleda offers 17 sorts of high-quality products to Georgian customers that include face and body creams, non-perfumed oil, milk, diaper care cream, shampoos, soap, toothpaste, belly oil, atopic skincare, sun protection and lip balms.

Weleda first appeared in Georgia during the tragic events of April 9, 1989 when Soviet troops killed Georgians demanding the country’s independence. During this hard time for Georgians, Weleda sent medicines and doctors from Germany to treat those injured or poisoned after Soviet tanks dispersed a peaceful demonstration.

As for official distribution, the Georgian company Naturapharm has been the exclusive partner of Weleda in Georgia for 21 years, importing Weleda products from Germany to the Georgian market.

In her interview with Golden Brand, Director of Naturapharm Lela Bakuradze recalls that at first the company imported Weleda’s medicines to Georgia, while since 2006-2007 it has started offering skincare products and cosmetics to Georgian customers.

Nowadays Weleda products are available at GPC and Pharmadepot pharmacies in Georgia.

“We also have a space near our office where customers are able to see all the products of Weleda under one roof and get a more complete consultation”, Bakuradze said.

New shampoos have been added recently to Weleda’s children’s products with lime, orange and mint aromas, which are created for children above three years of age. The composition of all three shampoos is the same, differing only in their scent.

“It is true that calendula shampoo is intended for infants and children but often children get bored of the same product, or think they have already grown up and now need another product. So I’m sure these new shampoos will be just as popular as the calendula shampoo”, Bakuradze said.

Weleda has launched a new campaign ‘You Are Nature’ worldwide, including in Georgia.

Nature and Weleda share a common mission: to create natural products with exceptionally high standards of quality that customers can trust. Weleda’s nature certified face, baby, body, hair and oral care products are produced using sustainable production processes and environmentally friendly practices.

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“We thought about what to do to get the attention of the people of our country and tell them that you yourself are nature: you breathe, feel, grow as nature does. If the air is polluted you find it difficult to breathe, just like nature. Nature has always been the focus of Weleda”, Bakuradze said.

She said the Weleda team believes nature offers the best solutions to every beauty and wellness need.

“Weleda’s products are free from synthetic compounds or toxic chemicals. Instead, the brand uses flower, fruit and root extracts, minerals, and essential oils, each one carefully selected and orchestrated to work with the body’s own systems”, Bakuradze said.

The brand received its first notable success on the Georgian market after receiving its first Golden Brand award, which is recognized as the most important and powerful business award in Georgia.

Over 100 experts and 2,000 surveyed customers named Weleda the No. 1 brand in Georgia in its segment, and it’s baby skincare products are their favorite ones.

How the sales of Weleda products increased in Georgia last year?

Sales have increased by 20 percent in 2018-2019. The number of people who know the brand of Weleda and understand the importance of bio and natural products has increased in Georgia and this has led to increased sales statistics.

Which is the most in demand Weleda product in Georgia?

The most demanded product is diaper care cream. This is a product that every newborn needs as it calms and comforts irritated skin and reduces redness. This cream is great and our customers know this. Weleda diaper care cream has been on the Georgian market for a long time and parents have gained many years of experience.

The next most in demand products are shampoo and soap.

Baby care is a very sensitive topic and customers choose quality products for their newborns. In your opinion what makes Weleda’s products distinguished?

First of all this concerns the raw materials extracted in biodynamic fields, vegetable oil, the scent of the products – natural essential oils specially are designed for babies. The scent should not hinder the baby’s perception of the world and, most importantly, should not overwhelm the mother’s scent.

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Also, a very important factor is that the goal of Weleda from the day of its creation to the present is to be in harmony with nature.

How affordable are Weleda’s products for customers?

Weleda baby products, as well as adult products, can fit any budget. If consumed wisely by a parent, it can be more beneficial than low-cost brands. We try to offer Weleda products to Georgian customers at the same price as in Germany. We can manage this as our company is an exclusive importer of Weleda products to Georgia and have a business relationship with this brand for 21 years already.

Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. Could you please tell us about the activities of 2019 which brought this award to your company?

I think the award went to the high quality of Weleda products. We just helped Georgian consumers to better understand the special importance of Weleda products for their children.

As for our activities of 2019 last year, our company became more active on social media and this raised the interest of the customers towards our company.


What started in 1921 as a Swiss pharmaceutical laboratory with its own medicinal plant garden has today grown into a leading manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for anthroposophic therapy.

Weleda has three main headquarters in Switzerland, France and Germany.

Most of the 1,000 sustainably produced natural raw materials for Weleda products are processed at these three sites. More than 100 natural cosmetic products, 10 dietetics and around 2,500 medicines are created there.

High-quality standards and the meticulous use of resources go hand in hand in the manufacture of Weleda products. About 78% of raw materials come from organic or biodynamic agriculture and from controlled wild harvesting. All products are exclusively based on natural substances. Artificial preservatives and tinctures are fervently avoided. Weleda enjoys a high commercial reputation for quality, trust, and sustainable business development.

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