No mistakes allowed in health insurance!

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The FINANCIAL– TBC Insurance provides health insurance and offers high quality services to customers. TBC Insurance’s health insurance is distinguished by its coordinated, modern and transparent system.

Health insurance from TBC Insurance is focused on long-term cooperation with insurers as well as their organizations and medical institutions in order to provide quality healthcare services to their clients.

Among the strategic partner clinics are the medical institutions that are distinguished by experience and highly-qualified staff and the latest equipment and infrastructure, including Medicor and Georgian-American clinics.

In addition to the listed clinics, qualified family doctors will be provided by TBC insurance in various medical institutions, both in Tbilisi and other regions.

It is important for TBC Insurance to give customers the opportunity to have choices. Therefore, medical care is available in any licensed medical institution.

TBC Insurance cooperates with a wide network of medical facilities. Currently there are about 200 partners, including all the leading clinics throughout Georgia: Evex, Geo Hospitals, Mediclub, Innova and many more. TBC Insurance, along with partner clinics, offers high quality services to its customers and continues to develop and improve.

The advantages of TBC Insurance:

● Good coverage / high limits
● Fewer exceptions
● Free choice of a medical institution
● Financing treatment abroad with the best tariffs in Georgia

Customers will get the highest quality services on the market, which is perfect for technological solutions to ensure that those insured don’t have their time wasted and quickly receive medical care or remuneration. In addition, the clients are made fully aware of the conditions of their insurance package.

Who can become a TBC insurance customer?

Organizations can insure employees through a simplified process, for which a web-platform will be created, reducing demand on their administrative resources and time.

The minimum price of an insurance package is 38 GEL. TBC Insurance offers customers five packages that differ from each other in terms of limits and coverage. “Good”, “Better”, “Best”, “Outstanding” and “Exceptional” – the choice is the customer’s.

Services that TBC insurance offer

o 24/7 hotline phone number: 2 42 11 11
o E-mail
o Call an ambulance
o Consult the family doctor / pediatrician at the clinic or at home
o Prephylactic studies
o Urgent and planned outpouring
o Emergency and planned hospital services
o Overseas treatment
o Medication remuneration
o Emergency and planned dentistry
o Reimbursement of pregnancy / childbirth

Payment conditions

Customers can receive payments through TBC Insurance Service Centers and online through the website.

Reimbursement at service centers:
● Up to 500 GEL will be paid instantly, and more than the maximum of 500 GEL within 3 working days.

Online reimbursement:
● Up to GEL 500 will be reimbursed on the day, and more than the maximum of 500 GEL within 3 working days.

Online payments will be available from June on the website.

The address of TBC Insurance Service Center is # 24 b. Al. Kazbegi Avenue.

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