Non-EU citizens: 4.4 % of the EU population in 2018

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The FINANCIAL – The number of people residing in European Union (EU) Member States with citizenship of a non-member country on 1 January 2018 was 22.3 million, representing 4.4 % of the EU population. In addition, there were 17.6 million people living in one of the EU Member States on 1 January 2018 with the citizenship of another EU Member State. In most EU Member States, the majority of non-nationals were citizens of non-EU countries.

In relative terms, the EU Member State with the highest share of non-nationals was Luxembourg, as non-nationals accounted for 48 % of its total population. A high proportion of foreign citizens (10 % or more of the resident population) was also observed in Cyprus, Austria, Estonia, Malta, Latvia, Belgium, Ireland and Germany. In contrast, non-nationals represented less than 1 % of the population in Poland, Romania and Lithuania.

For more statistics on the number of national and non-national citizens in the population, acquisition of citizenship and international migration flows, take a look at the Statistics Explained article on migration and migrant population statistics.

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