Norbert Klein – CEO of the BOSCH, visited Georgia

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The FINANCIAL — On 25th of June ELIT ELECTRONICS hosted Norbert Klein – Member of the Executive Board (CEO) of the BOSCH.  The main aim of the visit is increased pace of BOSCH development in the crisis period in the region.

“Georgia is one of the most successful and growing country despite the crisis in the region. I am pleased that our brand is represented by the market leader in retail of household appliances in Georgia – ELIT ELECTRONICS, at present ELIT ELECTRONICS owns 31 shops in all over Georgia and soon will offer customers a new shop in the Eastpoint Shopping & Entertainment Center. ELIT ELECTRONICS is developing year to year and we support its development, because this is success of ELIT ELECTRONICS as well as BOSCH, – explains Mr.Klein.

“Elit Electronics together with BOSCH reached high growth in recent years – sales wise and importantly in turnover. Annual average growth in Bosch turnover is 25%, this means that we have a sustainable growth of BOSCH in Georgia.

Bosch together with ELIT ELECTRONICS provides consumers with more functional, ergonomic and at the same time energy saving products by studying their needs, tastes and preferences thoroughly.  Besides, we shouldn’t forget about such aspect like research of up-to-date consumers’ trends that finally influences purchasing behavior. Having studied them, BOSCH developed its own trend such as: healthy living, ease in usage, performance and durability, quality and flexibility, personalization and design and also resource efficiency. Each day BOSCH grows economically and expands worldwide. We are open to new partners, new ideas and technologies. However, we have to be aware that in the process of intense economic development natural resources helping us in this growth run out and may eventually disappear. Therefore we should set up a concept of the development where satisfaction of personal demands wouldn’t damage the environment. This concept is – “Sustainable growth.” One of the terms for development of sustainable growth is to create technologies which preserve the environment not only for the present generation, but for the future generation as well. BOSCH totally meets these requirements and creates technologies for life, realizing main ideas of sustainable growth.

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The company BOSCH was established in 1886 by Robert Bosch GmbH – in the city of Stuttgart. Today, BOSCH is one of the largest companies in the world. While in Europe is a leader in the production of household appliances. Bosch factories are located in 60 countries of the world, and the sales and service of the company is represented in over 150 countries. The only representative of BOSCH in Georgia is ELIT ELECTRONICS.


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