Now Arriving: Scotiabank American Express travel rewards cards land in Canada

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The FINANCIAL — Scotiabank announced the launch of the new Scotiabank American Express Cards, marking a new strategic card-issuing alliance between Scotiabank and American Express.


The suite of loyalty credit cards, designed for travel enthusiasts, comes at a time when Canadians are carefully evaluating the rewards they earn on the cards they choose to carry.

“This announcement launches a new collaboration between Scotiabank, Canada’s most international bank, and American Express, a leading global brand renowned in the payments sector for excellence in travel, rewards and service,” said Anatol von Hahn, Scotiabank Group Head of Canadian Banking. “Starting today, we are able to offer Canadians a new suite of travel cards which we believe lead all others in this market for travel rewards – which we know are particularly important to Canadians. In launching this card, Scotiabank is the only major Canadian bank able to offer customers the benefits of an American Express-branded card.”

“Scotiabank is a tremendous addition to our network of bank partnerships that we have been building across 159 countries around the world,” said Manish Gupta, Executive Vice President and Head of American Express Global Network Services – Americas. “By partnering with market leaders like Scotiabank, we can increase the number of American Express-branded products in the marketplace, expand the scale and relevance of our brand in Canada and drive more loyal, high-spending customers to merchants who welcome American Express.”

The new Scotiabank American Express suite includes three new cards: the Scotiabank American Express Card, the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card and the Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card. With these new cards, Cardmembers will be able to earn points that can quickly be turned into travel benefits. As American Express reported, the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card, for example, carries a new level of value in the market, providing four points for every dollar spent at gas stations, grocery stores and on dining and entertainment and carries a $99 annual fee, one of the most competitive fees in its class.

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This suite of travel cards offer a range of exceptional travel benefits including: no blackouts, no points expiry, no seat restrictions and no booking fees; flexibility to redeem points towards all travel purchases made with the card, including those made via a website or travel agent; ability to use points to purchase an entire trip, including all taxes and surcharges; redemption for merchandise and credits to Scotiabank investment accounts or credit card statements; and highly competitive travel insurance benefits, such as Travel Emergency Medical and Rental Car Collision insurance. For further details on the individual cards and rewards, please refer to the attached background information.

A recent Scotiabank poll underscores the value that Canadians place on rewards when selecting their credit card: the large majority of Canadians (79 per cent) have a loyalty credit card; over half (57 per cent) say collecting rewards or points is the most compelling reason to use their credit card; 61 per cent of Canadians listed travel rewards as an important reason when selecting their credit card and 69 per cent of Canadians said they would consider switching credit cards if a loyalty program which better matched their needs or lifestyle became available.

“We’re listening to our customers and to Canadians more broadly and understand that people are looking at the value that they get from their credit cards when it comes to rewards and that they would consider switching cards based on an offer that better meets their needs,” said Mike Henry, Scotiabank Senior Vice President and Head of Retail Payments, Deposits and Lending. “This suite of cards is a new opportunity for individuals to turn routine purchases from gas stations, grocery stores, dining and entertainment into relevant and meaningful travel rewards.”

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“We’ve worked closely with Scotiabank to help bring new innovative products and greater benefits and choice to their customer base,” said William Stredwick, Senior Vice President and Head of American Express Global Network Services – North America. “The cards that we have launched today with Scotiabank offer an excellent way for Scotiabank’s customers to quickly earn travel rewards and enjoy the privileges and benefits associated with the American Express brand,” added Stredwick.

This new suite of travel-oriented cards joins Scotiabank’s broader package of credit and debit cards designed for Canadian savvy savers, movie lovers, hockey fans and travel enthusiasts.



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