Office Technologies Turning Ordinary Offices into Effective Office Space in Georgia

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Office Technologies, leading supplier of office furniture and authorized dealer of the largest office furniture manufacturer, French-American company Steelcase in Georgia, is entering a new segment, starting so-called ‘turn-key’ projects. In addition, Office Technologies plans to open its first office in Armenia’s capital Yerevan in 2019.

“By implementing these turn-key projects we are now able to provide clients with a finished result and present the client with their project entirely completed and ready to use. This means that besides office furniture and interior design, we also offer renovation works and all related services architecture, HVAC; MEP ,” said the General Manager of Office Technologies, Nana Beriashvili.

Office Technologies was founded in 2004 and over the years has established itself as a reliable partner of many international and local companies.

“At the beginning there were only four employees working at the company, while today Office Technologies employs 20 people. Using in-depth knowledge of work and work processes, the team of Office Technologies makes a meaningful and measurable contribution to the success of our customers,” Beriashvili said.

Office Technologies helps organizations work more effectively by improving the quality of their work environment. Turning an ordinary office into an effective office space, creating an atmosphere of comfort and convenience, the company ensures that one’s office becomes an inspiring place where people can do their work effectively and with pleasure.

“Today we have Georgian companies as well as international organizations, banks and embassies among the list of our clients. We have become partners of world famous companies such as Steelcase – we are Platinum Partners of this company, which means great recognition from Steelcase,” said Beriashvili.

Beriashvili says that achieving the leading position on the market was no easy task for Office Technologies and the company has passed a long journey.

“The main challenge was that when we first started our activities, only a very few companies paid attention to creating an effective office space and interior. We had to first raise awareness of the advantages of what a comfortable and convenient office means for a company and for the productive work of its employees. We were the first Georgian company to introduce the world’s number one company in the field of office furniture ‘Steelcase’ and offer local companies not only ergonomic furniture but effective office space solutions, inspiring office ideas and full service,” Beriashvili said.

Office Technologies has received its first Golden Brand award this year, becoming the No1 company in its segment.

“We are happy to receive this prestigious award. I want to thank the organizers of the awards ceremony, Global Idea and The FINANCIAL, also, all of the companies and chambers that participated in the survey. I think that the reliability and high level of responsibility that we show while working on any specific project are the factors that were decisive in our company’s success at the Golden Brand awards ceremony,” said Beriashvili.

Q. Could you please introduce us to the process of how Office Technologies works on any specific project?

A. First we learn about the client company’s activities, how its departments cooperate with each other. We meet the employees of the company and listen to their demands or wishes. We also take into account the corporate style of the company and what kind of image the company wants to show with its office.

After that we make space planning, choose the colours and visualization. This is quite an interesting and diverse process.

Q. Which office styles are the most popular in Georgia?

A. Modern and simple office designs are in high demand, but at the same time the companies often go for ergonomic office furniture.

So-called Scandinavian minimalist design is very popular. But the most in-demand is a mix of German quality and French design which is exclusively offered in Georgia by Steelcase.

In addition to a comfortable and efficient working environment, it is important to include natural elements for more inspiration in a modern interior. Office furniture is also becoming more akin to home furniture, which helps to create a so-called ‘home feel’ working environment.

Of course we are aware of the world trends in office style and we follow and introduce these trends in Georgia. We have implemented several very interesting projects of which I would single out Philip Morris’ office which was created with an MUA design.

Q. Overall, how many projects has Office Technologies implemented so far?

A. We have over 200 client companies. Of these, I would single out our cooperation with Tegeta Motors. They were the first Georgian company to order Steelcase furniture. I am proud that Office Technologies and Tegeta Motors have been cooperating for 10 years already and that we are involved in almost every project of Tegeta Motors’.

Currently, we are working with the German company Majorel Georgia. We started cooperation with this company three years ago when they first entered the Georgian market. We are now working on the third project with Majorel Georgia.

We are also negotiating with several international companies. Our negotiations with these companies remain confidential for the time being.

Q. How competitive is the market in your segment?

A. The competition has increased in recent years. Many Georgian companies have started cooperation with different European furniture manufacturer companies. However, the diversity of our partners, our experience and service provision gives us a great advantage.

Q. What are the challenges that your business faces in Georgia?

A. The challenge is that several companies try to directly contact European suppliers as they believe that by doing this they will be able to reduce the cost of the project. This is not the right approach though as our company, for example, has exclusive rates with the suppliers and also provides a service guarantee. In the end, cooperation with us is preferable and the project becomes more cost-effective in the long term.

Also, I would like for the criteria of state tenders to be different to what they are today. Priority is given to price only which is not right I don’t think. In my opinion the priority should be a combination of quality and price. I understand that it is difficult to pay great amounts of money for office furniture upfront, however this proves to be much more economical for one’s budget in the long run.

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