Volkswagen Group extends environmental incentive for diesel vehicles and promises unrestricted entry to city centers

Volkswagen Group extends environmental incentive for diesel vehicles and promises unrestricted entry to city centers

The FINANCIAL -- The environmental incentive offered by the brands Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Volkswagen and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Germany is to be extended to the end of June 2018.

With this move, the Volkswagen Group, together with its brands, is continuing its efforts to make a sustainable, fast and effective contribution to improving air quality. For owners of older diesel vehicles in accordance with exhaust emission standards EU1 to EU4, this means that they can claim an environmental incentive of up to €10,000, depending on the brand, if they opt for an EU6 diesel vehicle. In addition, there will be a “mobility pledge” for city centers for customers with EU6 vehicles.

“In addition to vehicles with alternative powertrains, our modern EU6 diesel vehicles will make a key contribution to more environmentally compatible individual mobility. In normal driving, the EU6 diesel vehicles of the Volkswagen Group sold today are among the cleanest on the market. This is why we are focusing on the diesel in connection with this further extension of the environmental incentive,” says Fred Kappler, Head of Group Sales of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, commenting on the company’s decision. He adds: “Modern EU 6 diesel engines will play a key role in reaching the stricter CO2 fleet emission limit of 95 g/km that will apply from 2020. The diesel is and will remain a cornerstone of our powertrain portfolio.”

The Volkswagen Group is also taking a further key step to rebuild customers’ confidence in the diesel. The discussions concerning driving bans for diesel vehicles have led to considerable uncertainty on the part of customers with respect to the diesel. Especially in Germany, there are many customers who continue to be enthusiastic about diesel vehicles because of their driving behavior and low fuel consumption. Volkswagen wants to do justice to these customers and to the users of the environmental incentive. From April 1, EU 6 new car customers will receive a “mobility pledge” for their diesel vehicles. The conditions will differ from brand to brand and will be announced in each case by the Group brands concerned. In the event that driving bans for these cars should be introduced on certain roads, customers will be able to call upon this mobility pledge. Further information will be available to customers from all participating dealers from the beginning of April 2018, according to Volkswagen.

Annual NOX emissions in Germany already reduced by 2,261 tonnes

With the environmental incentive, the brands of the Volkswagen Group are making a fast and effective contribution to the improvement of air quality in cities. To date, more than 170,000 customers in Germany have decided to scrap their old EU1 to EU4 vehicles and to claim the incentive to change over to one of the latest, more environmentally compatible EU6 vehicles. As a result, NOX emissions in Germany have been reduced by 2,261 tonnes per year. All EU6 vehicles are in accordance with the latest environmental, technical and safety standards and are not affected by impending driving bans.

The incentive for diesels can only be claimed if the old vehicle is scrapped, either via a dealer or by a certified scrapyard. In addition, the customer must also have been the keeper of the vehicle scrapped over the past six months. Further details on their specific environmental incentives and mobility promises will be announced by the Group brands.