OpenPayd Named in 150 Top Cross-Border Companies

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There are currently over 14,000 players in the global payments space but not all of them are created equal. Every year, FXC Intelligence names the top 150 companies that have made the biggest impact on the industry — and OpenPayd is now one of them.

OpenPayd has been around for quite some time now, and it already took the internet by storm. We talked about it with Ozan Ozerk, the founder of OpenPayd. According to him, the mission of OpenPayd is to extend an unprecedented level of convenience to its users. The internet is full of great opportunities, and there are countless businesses and billions of users who use the web daily. 

The entire online community depends on the internet to make purchases, receive payments, pay for services, buy items, and so much more. That’s why Ozan Ozerk wanted to create a platform that will ensure maximum security for all online banking, payments, and money management needs through a single API. 

We also talked to Iana Dimitrova, the CEO of OpenPayd. She confirmed that a platform is a user-friendly tool that allows all internet users to enjoy top-class payment management and banking services. 

We’re going to delve deeper into what OpenPayd is, why it’s convenient to use it, and its recognition of being one of the top 150 cross-border companies in the world.

What Is OpenPayd?

Gathering banking professionals and financial experts worldwide, OpenPayd is designed to be a secure, safe, and convenient online platform where users can manage all their financial, payment, and banking needs.

Users get to enjoy many fantastic benefits, such as:

  • Exceptional level of user-friendliness;
  • A multipurpose online platform that allows the users to manage all their payment and banking needs from one API-driven platform;
  • Car processing, easy payments, accounts that support multiple currencies.
  • Single API integration;
  • A network of financial licenses for supporting financial and business growth;
  • Customized solutions and unprecedented levels of account/service personalization;

Businesses of all sizes and types can utilize OpenPayd’s API integration to conveniently, easily, and timely manage all payment needs and banking options they need daily. 

If you want to grow your business beyond your local market and widen your operations to global markets, having a practical solution that allows you to safely and securely integrate your entire payments and banking infrastructure is paramount. 

With OpenPayd, you can easily manage all your banking and financial needs, process incoming and outgoing payments, make your treasury more efficient, scale your cash flows, save resources and time, and so much more. 

Gain control over your financial, banking, and cash management needs, and eliminate any insufficiencies by establishing one solution to manage all your needs. 

According to CEO Iana Dimitrova, this exceptional efficiency level is the main reason why more and more global companies decide to partner with OpenPayd.

Benefits of Using OpenPayd

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Every modern business operating over the internet needs effective payment and banking options to keep running and growing. That’s where OpenPayd comes into play. Aside from providing a safe, secure, and convenient multipurpose platform for managing all your financial needs from one place, the service also allows you to consume all its services through a single API.

If your business operates globally, you’ll need an account that allows you to manage all your payments. That’s what creating an account means here. Settle, convert, and gather all your money transfers in one place. Creating a payment account is simple. 

More importantly, you can open as many accounts as you need. Exchange payments with your partners, send or receive payments, and tap into a global network to increase your corporate value proposition and expand your operations to global markets. 

Payment methods differ from country to country, but you won’t have to worry about that since OpenPayd takes care of it for you. Gain instant access to foreign and local payment networks to handle all payments, cross-border, and local. The platform uses ACH, SWIFT, and SEPA to handle and manage all global transactions.

Doing business with companies from all over the world leaves you with currency conversion fees and rates, as well as card processing fees. OpenPayd allows you to manage your conversions at the most affordable prices, enjoy top rates, and so much more. 

Tap into more than a hundred different currencies and provide your clients with an exceptional level of user experience and top wholesale conversions with each transaction. Debit and credit cards are among the most popular payment methods nowadays, so the chances are that you’ll need to accept, handle, and manage all your card payments. 

OpenPayd allows you to accept a variety of different cards. More importantly, you can keep track of all your orders, payments, and establish trust with your customers by guaranteeing safe card payments.

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FXC Intelligence Recognition

Due to all the reasons above, OpenPayd has earned the highest FXC Intelligence recognition by becoming one of the world’s best 150 cross-border companies. According to CEO Iana Dimitrova, FXC Intelligence decided to recognize OpenPayd as one of the leading companies in the industry of global payments. 

The platform was chosen from many similar services by FXC Intelligence that keeps track of over 14,000 services, platforms, and companies in the global payments worldwide industry. Their map of challengers and incumbents includes all the newest startups and fintech in the last ten years.

That’s all the proof you need to consider becoming a loyal consumer of OpenPayd services. With the international network, including North America, the UK, Turkey, Malta, and Bulgaria, this platform can be all you need to expand your business and ensure it continues to grow. 

One of the Best

Even though OpenPayds hasn’t been around for a long time, it’s earning its reputation of being a user-friendly, simple, convenient, and secure one-in-all platform that businesses can use to expand their operations and services to global markets. 

Each user has an intuitive and safe digital environment with all necessary features to manage all their payment, banking, and financial place from one platform. 

The platform employs top experts and specialists with extensive experience in financial technology, products, and services. If your business requires easy access to payments and banking solutions, this platform should be your choice number one.

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