Staying Fit in Georgia

Staying Fit in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- Working out on a regular basis can be a difficult, if not impossible, task for most of us. We can convince ourselves that our schedules do not allow time for fitness but that would be a lie. Each and every one of us can find just a bit of time during the day to devote to working out. Regardless of struggling to find the time to work out few will deny the fact that regular physical activity is vital for long-term health and wellness.

With all the technological gadgets rained down on us in the new millennium and our faces continuously glued to a variety of screens on and off work, we feel haunted by fatigue. We become anxious because of lack of time and/or money, physical and psychological problems, overworking and tiredness, all of which makes us wish to slow life down. 

As mentioned in one of our previous editorials, there is a notable trend in the increase of a number of recreational centers in Georgia. Same goes with the fitness facilities. More and more Georgians comprehend the importance of staying fit and entrepreneurial minded people of the country try to keep up with the increased demand by offering a variety of solutions and innovative approaches towards helping customers lead a healthy lifestyle.  

There already are plenty of fitness facilities and swimming pools in Georgia mostly concentrated in the capital. At this stage, it will still be bold enough to say that sporting lifestyle is not a fashionable obsession but rather it reflects a genuine desire of people to be fit and healthy. 

Yet, we should keep in mind that according to multiple studies carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that creating, improving and promoting places designed for helping individuals to be physically active in fact result in a staggering 25% increase in the proportion of the population who are physically active at least three times per week. 

The legacy left to Georgia after hosting the Youth Olympic Festival in 2015 has been fully capitalized on. Before explaining how, it should be noted that engineering, procurement, and construction services for the Olympic Palace and Olympic Swimming Pool had been rendered to the Government of Georgia by Sportmsenservice Ltd. The company led by Levan Tarkhashvili has opened the doors of the biggest swimming pool in Tbilisi to general public this season: “The Olympic Pool, built in accordance with international standards has found the loyal customers in Tbilisi residents immediately. Since day one we have been operating with the 100% load”. The Director further elaborated that the swimming complex covers two outdoor pools (50m by 25m and 35m by 25m) and one indoor pool for children. Olympic Pool can host up to 400 visitors at a time. Marketing Manager of the complex, Gvantsa Bakhtadze stated that they have over 1600 registered members at the Olympic Pool Club “We conduct regular customer surveys and based on the recent data 62% of our customers declare they go to the pool in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and the remaining 38% - only for relaxation and sunbathing”. This notion can further be strengthened by mentioning that the swimming and water polo training groups at the complex are fully composed “there are currently 200 young trainees for those structured courses and we are considering adding more” concluded Gvantsa. 

The sports complex Sport Time has also spotted a different increased demand trend in fitness facilities: “not only adults take advantage of swimming and fitness amenities but we have noticed the number of training children and juniors has been increasingly expanding” revealed Director Mari Khanikaeva. The customers of Sport Time pay immense emphasis on the importance of respecting hygiene standards, thus “an obligatory medical examination every month at Sport Time has not been protested by our clients” explained Mrs. Khanikaeva.  Their fitness instructors are trained by foreign masters. Sport time also offers a team of qualified doctors and massage therapists who in turn participate in the introduction of new services in the company. 

The esthetic medicine center La Belle has expanded its services to meet the increased demand for fitness from their customers. Nona Nebieridze, the Marketing Manager of La Belle stated that they have recently added a sports direction to their activities: “besides esthetic services our clients - women aged 25-45 (85%), and men aged 20-40 (15%) enjoy staying fit”. For satisfying the existing demand, the company is working on opening additional subsidiaries of La Belle soon. 

While you are trying to find your way in the labyrinth of many fitness options we at Experto advise you to exercise to be fit, not skinny; meanwhile do not forget to eat to nourish your body sufficiently. Starting a diet that has an expiration date will not do you much good, instead, focus on a lifestyle that will last forever.